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VMiX 386 MULTITASKER Copyright (c) 1985-1993 by ComSoft Reg. ($59.00)

... Multiuser

... Multitasker

... Multiterminal

... Distributed host Multitasking


Welcome to VMiX 386, protected mode multitasking and multiuser DOS extender.

We assume that you do not wish to go through a lot of documentation before
starting to use VMiX, so we have included the file VMiX.DOC as a quick
startup guide (Refer to the VMiX STARTUP - SYSTEM OPTIONS and QUICK START
TO VMiX MULTITASKING documentation sections!!!). An on-line manual is
included as TECHREF.DOC, however the printed documentation will usually be
more complete.

VMiX is a multitasking and multiuser environment for IBM PC's
and PS/2's (PC, XT, AT, PS/2, EISA) compatibles.

- Graphics and text modes are supported by the shareware version.
- Compatible with MSDOS 6.0 and DRDOS 6 relocation to high memory.
- Loader utility for moving TSRs or VMiX to upper memory.
- Load VMiX to upper memory without robbing DOS of precious space.
- Run communications software while executing other tasks.

A platform for point-of-sale systems, distributed database access,
process control, uplinks and downlinks.

- Distributed multitasking within a NET of several linked VMiX hosts.
- Flip console screens w/single hot key, and additionally 4 terminals.
- Start new windows by pressing Shift-Enter to end a command line.
- A configuration text file, VMiX.INI, for passwords and startup scripts.

The Shareware Version is bigger and slower than the 386 version because
it is coded in 8086 code, since it must run in all 8088 PCs, as well as,
286's and 386's, and because it carries about 10Kb of registration related
dead wait. The Shareware Version also can not be as efficient when using
extended memory for virtual tasks, but a user without a chronometer might
not be able to tell the difference. Other than those limitations, the
shareware version is identical in capability to the Commercial Version.

The Commercial Version is coded in 386 code, hence it is smaller and faster.
Both versions support up to eight tasks and will use extended memory space,
if available. The Commercial Version will not run in 8088 or 8086 PCs, so
an 8086 version is also included as a separate file in the Registered
and Documented Package.

The user interface is the same, regardless of the processor detected in
your PC or AT (8088, 8086, 80286, or 80386/486).

A 386 coded trial version is available 24Hrs. from our BBS (listed below).

We hope that you will continue to use VMiX as it evolves into the 90s.


ComSoft permits conditional distribution of the SHAREWARE version of
VMiX 386 for the sole purpose of allowing potential users to better
evaluate the software before deciding on purchase. This is of benefit
to you because it lets you preview the software (with limited documentation)
and it is of benefit to us for the wide distribution the VMiX software
receives, at minimum cost to us.

This product is Copyrighted and, as such, violation of the 30 day trial
license (see VMiX.DOC file) can result in the enforcement of the VMiX
Shareware License Agreement and all legal remedies.



READ.ME (this file)

self-extracting archives

VMIX2??.EXE (VMiX shareware executables for PC's, AT's, or PS/2's)

(* Registered Owners ONLY *)

* VMIX386.EXE (faster VMiX executables optimized for 286/386/486 AT's
or PS/2's, full use of extended memory beyond 2 Mbytes,
up to 8 simultaneous tasks, bound manual) Will not
run in 8088 or 8086 PCs/XTs.

* FOR8086.EXE (smaller VMiX executables for 8088 and 8086 PCs/XTs)
Will also run in 286/386 computers.

* VMIXAPI.EXE (all VMiX utility sources and programming interface)

All archives are LHarc V2.13 self-extracting, when executed.



1) Create a VMiX subdirectory on your hard disk.
2) Copy the files in the distribution to the VMiX directory.
3) Execute the self-extracting archive VMiX386.EXE to install.
4) The two other archives are optional, and can be extracted
in similar fashion to the subdirectories of your choice.
5) Read VMiX.DOC for general operating instructions, or start
the program using its default configuration by typing VM_BOOT
at the DOS command line.

Enjoy exploring VMiX and thanks
for supporting its development,

Commercial Software Associates
Post Office Box 36
Corona del Mar, California 92625

BBS (714) 720-1139 (24 Hrs.)
VOICE (714) 720-1214 (8-6pm PDT)

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Archive   : VMIX285.ZIP
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