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DRDOS Update for several functions. D/L from Novell BBS.
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DRDOS Update for several functions. D/L from Novell BBS.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BACKUP.COM 12968 12532 deflated
COMMAND.COM 50536 27545 deflated
CURSOR.EXE 5201 4916 deflated
DISKCOPY.COM 18096 10389 deflated
FDISK.COM 18177 17496 deflated
FORMAT.COM 15633 15080 deflated
KEYB.COM 34671 9612 deflated
README.TXT 4348 2025 deflated
RESTORE.COM 14519 14070 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file



Utility fixes for DR DOS 6.0 to the following files: BACKUP.COM,
KEYB.COM, RESTORE.COM. Descriptions of fixes are in README.TXT.


BACKUP.COM 12,968 7-15-92 6:00a chksum A2AA

- BACKUP /A now allows user to continue appending to a backup disk that
is partially filled with a previous backup.

COMMAND.COM 50,536 11-05-92 11:10a chksum 29D0

- CDROM problem fixed. National Geographic cdrom, IBM linkway s/w
gives video problems when reloading transient COMMAND.COM.
- Fix for extra line feed.
- Remote MD on Netware using Volume Name now works.
- COMMAND.COM no longer uses the return code of an EXECed program
as it's own return code.
- IF EXIST now works with hidden files (MSDOS compatible).
- COPY no longer copies zero length files (MSDOS compatible).
- A CR/LF is longer printed at the end of a TYPE, as the command
TYPE NUL >> PRN was sending a CR/LF to the printer.
- Fix for Novell API function E2h to execute a program with drive
letter [ (left bracket) (for example: shell "[:test.exe")
- Typing a non-existant or hidden file now gives the correct error
- The environment size of a secondary command processor is now set
to the size of the original if the /E option is not used.
- COMSPEC is now not expanded to the full network path.
- On entry to COMMAND.COM, the Novell error mode is set to zero,
and on exit, it is set to whatever it was.
- /P and |MORE now work correctly
- Problems with batch files not returning error level codes has
also been corrected

CURSOR.EXE 5,201 7-15-92 6:00a chksum 7489

- Fix to prevent system hanging when CURSOR used with FILELINK.

DISKCOPY.COM 18,096 7-15-92 6:00a chksum ED4A

- Now determines correct disk free space so only one pass should
be needed.
- Fix to allow access to Sysgen Bridge external floppy drives.
- No longer uses extended memory as this causes problems under
Windows 3.1.

FDISK.COM 18,177 7-15-92 6:00a chksum C749

- Fixed Problems with ESDI disks >512 MB where FDISK.COM saw part
of the drive past 512 MB as bad sectors.

FORMAT.COM 15,633 7-15-92 6:00a chksum DAEE

- FORMAT /X/S now makes the hard disk bootable.
- FORMAT /S now sets the time and date of the system files to the
same as the original system files.
- Using the /A option now beeps before the prompt for the disk

KEYB.COM 34,671 7-15-92 6:00a chksum 379D

- Fix for Swedish keyboard.
- Cannot beep if already in beep routine.

RESTORE.COM 14,519 7-15-92 6:00a chksum F7BC

- Now allows continuation or start from any disk.
- No longer creates subdirectories with /S option if /R option
also used.


ALWAYS backup your system before implementing any program/utility
changes to the DR operating system or any revision involving the
low-level functions of NetWare including re-linking of operating
system .OBJ files, Bindery utilities, drive and volume operation,


Make a backup copy of the original file. If files are on the server,
Flag the files appropriately and replace the files with this patch;
reset the flags.


Novell, Inc. makes no representations or warranties with respect
to any DR or NetWare software, and specifically disclaims any
express or implied warranties of merchantability, title, or fitness
for a particular purpose.

Distribution of any DR or NetWare software is forbidden without the
express written consent of Novell, Inc. Further, Novell reserves
the right to discontinue distribution of any NetWare software.

Novell is not responsible for lost profits or revenue, loss of use
of the software, loss of data, costs of re-creating lost data, the
cost of any substitute equipment or program, or claims by any party
other than you. Novell strongly recommends a backup be made before
any software is installed. Technical support for this software
may be provided at the discretion of Novell.

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