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TSXLITE 4.11 - Multi-user operating system Registration $ 65.00

Author: S&H Computer Systems, Inc.

TSX-Lite is a multi-user, multi-tasking operating system. This
allows several users to access the system at the same time, and
each user to have concurrent control over many applications.

TSX-Lite uses the same file structure as DOS, so you can install
TSX-Lite on a DOS based computer without reformatting or
partitioning your disk. And, you can run TSX-Lite part of the
time and DOS at other times on the same computer. TSX-Lite does
not support disk compression such as Stacker or DoubleSpace.

TSX-Lite supports two simultaneous users and each user can
control up to 10 concurrent tasks. Access is through the console
or hard-wired or dial-up lines connected to COM ports. TSX-Lite
provides full support for modems and dial-in lines as well as
providing the TSXTERM terminal emulator program. This makes it
possible to call your computer and remotely execute commands and
programs including WordPerfect, dBase, Lotus 1-2-3, and most other
DOS software.

TSX-Lite runs most DOS 16-bit programs and also provides an
advanced 32-bit program environment with integral EMS, XMS, and
DPMI support. This allows execution of modern 32-bit
applications that need not be constrained by the 640kb DOS
partition. Full virtual memory support is provided with demand
paging, allowing execution of programs larger than the physical
memory installed on the computer.

TSX-Lite is not a limited, 16-bit, multi-DOS add-on. Rather, it
is a complete 32-bit operating system that runs exclusively in
protected mode and uses the full potential of modern 32-bit

Hardware Requirements: 386 or 486 CPU, 4MB RAM, 12MB free disk space.
The disk must not be compressed using a scheme such as Stacker or

Other Requirements: DOS 2.x or higher.

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Archive   : TSX411A.ZIP
Filename : TSXLITE.SDA

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