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TSX-Lite Registration and Options

The following is a summary of various options that you can order to
enhance your TSX-Lite system. An order form follows the list.

. Registration. ($65) TSX-Lite is a shareware program. As such,
you are granted a 30 day license to evaluate the product. If
you find TSX-Lite to be useful and continue to use it beyond
the 30 day evaluation period you must register to continue
using it. When you register you will receive the following

1. A license to continue using TSX-Lite on a single computer
beyond the 30 day evaluation period. Contact S&H Computer
Systems for information regarding site licenses.

2. The latest version of TSX-Lite on disk.

3. A bound, laser-printed copy of the TSX-Lite Manual.

4. Three months of technical support via mail, FAX, or
CompuServe. We have an outstanding technical support team
that is ready, willing, and able to assist you in
installing and using TSX-Lite. Give us a try.

. Security kit. ($85) Includes the LOGON, TSAUTH, and FPROTECT
programs used to implement TSX security features. The TSAUTH
program is used to manage the user authorization database. The
LOGON program is run from line startup command procedures to
require username and passwords to log in. Accounts can be be
customized by granting or denying privileges, resource quotas,
and given logon command procedures which lock them to an
application. The FPROTECT program allows the system manager to
limit access to disks, subdirectories, and individual files on
a user-by-user basis. Users can be given read, write, or
execute-only access to files.

. Utilities kit. ($40) This includes the MessageNet electronic
mail program, the high speed TSX-32 SORT utility, the MACROS
keyboard macro facility, a native TSX version of Kermit, the
STARTTSX program that you can put in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file to
start TSX after a timed interval, and more.

. Power kit. ($160) Includes the following items: (1) TSX-Lite
registration; (2) Bound, laser-printed TSX-Lite Manual; (3)
Security Kit; (4) Utilities Kit.

. Programmers kit. ($140) Includes the TSX-32 System Services
Reference manual and libraries for directly calling TSX system
services from virtually any C language compiler. This kit
enables programmers to access over 200 native system services,
including asynchronous file I/O, file and record locking, the
"fork" system service to start subtasks, interprocess
communication, signals, facility locking, shared memory
regions, advanced COM line access, job control, and more.


Object libraries are provided for Microsoft C and MetaWare High
C compilers. The source of the system service routines are
also provided so that they can be recompiled for other
compilers and linkers.

. SMD menu developers kit. ($45) This includes full
documentation on how to write your own SMD menu control files,
such as those used to implement the TSXSHELL command. A DOS
version of SMD is also provided.

. TSX-32 Users Manual. ($50) This manual, which is in excess of
500 pages, includes a comprehensive description of all
commands. In addition there are instructional chapters on
topics such as command procedures, symbols and logical names,
batch and print processing, and process windowing.

. TSX-32 Installation and System Generation Manual. ($25) This
is the reference guide to using TSGEN for installing support
for terminals, disks, and printers.

. TSX-32 System Manager's Guide. ($15) Includes chapters on
security and account authorization, tuning, error logging,
system backup, startup and shutdown.

. EDIT-32 User's manual. ($25) This provides a full description
of the many features of the EDIT-32 text editor, including a
list of all keypad, command, and typed commands, instructions
on programming, multi buffering, multi-file editing, key
definition, and more.

Both registered and unregistered users of TSX-Lite are welcome to
call for technical assistance. The fee for this service is $1.50
per minute which may be charged to a Visa, MasterCard, or American
Express credit card. There is a $10.00 minimum charge for each
call. The S&H support number is 615-327-3670.

TSX-Lite is the shareware version of the powerful TSX-32 operating
system. TSX-32 supports over 100 simultaneous users, multi-console
adapters, TCP/IP networking, real-time control, and many other
features. Please call if you would like additional information
about TSX-32.

TSX-Lite Registration and Order Form

Name __________________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________

City ____________________ State __________ Zip ______________

Country _____________ Tel. _______________ FAX ______________

TSX-Lite version number ____________

Where did you find TSX-Lite ___________________________________

Qty. Subtotal
___ TSX-Lite registration $65 __________
___ Security kit $85 __________
___ Utilities kit $40 __________
___ Power kit $160 __________
___ Programmers kit $140 __________
___ SMD menu developers' kit $45 __________
___ TSX-32 User's Manual $50 __________
___ TSX-32 Installation & Generation manual $25 __________
___ TSX-32 System Manager's Guide $15 __________
___ EDIT-32 User's Manual $25 __________

Total for items ordered __________
Tennessee residents, 8.25% sales tax __________

Shipping ($5 USA, $10 Canada or Mexico,
$20 overseas) __________

Disk size: 3.50" HD (1.4 MB) ____ 5.25" HD (1.2 MB) ____

Provide the following information for credit card orders. Also
provide billing name and address if different from information
provided above.

Card type: ___ MasterCard, ___ Visa, ___ American Express

Card number _________________________ Exp. date _________

Signature ______________________________

S&H Computer Systems, Inc.
1027 17th Avenue South; Nashville, TN 37212-2299 USA

Phone: 615-327-3670 Fax: 615-321-5929
CompuServe: 71333,27 Internet: [email protected]

The availability and price of TSX-Lite options are subject to
change at any time. Call S&H Computer Systems for the latest
product and price information or for information about site
licenses or information about the full TSX-32 operating system.

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