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Suspend DesqView and other Multi-tasker's background program if just polling keyboard. Speeds up foreground process. Rev 3.1.
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Suspend DesqView and other Multi-tasker’s background program if just polling keyboard. Speeds up foreground process. Rev 3.1.
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Contents of the TAME-ANL.DOC file

TAME-ANL release 3.1
Copyright 1991-1993 by David G. Thomas

TAME-ANL is my first attempt at producing a program to help you tune
Tame. The version number is 3.0 because it is to be used with Tame
release 3.0.

Tame is a program that will speed up many multi-tasking systems. It
is most effective when you spend some time to tune it. In the past,
this was mostly a trial and error process. The fact is, it still
will require some trial and error. But I hope that TAME-ANL will
take some of the guesswork out.

TAME-ANL is easy to use, but you still need some knowledge of Tame to
interpret the results. When you use TAME-ANL to run your program
TAME-ANL watches what it does. Upon completion, a summary is
displayed on the screen, and a descriptive report is written to a
file named TAME-ANL.RPT.

To run TAME-ANL, simply use the following DOS command line, where
cmd_line is any command line to execute.

TAME-ANL cmd_line

If you can think of any way to improve this program or the
descriptive report file, please let me know. I may be reached by
leaving a comment to the SYSOP on the bulletin board system at (404) 928-9294.


. TAME-ANL helped me find out why I had so much trouble Taming Info-Select.
When I first tried, it slowed down text searches. It apparently polls
heavily even while it is working! I eventually tamed it based on the
fact that it only polls for Time on keyboard inputs, but I always wondered
why I couldn't ever find that magic /FREQ value... It turns out that the
poll rate is HIGHER while it is working!!! Why???? But true. Now I know.

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