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ID:X1 X Programming: Downloading GNU C++
Quarterdeck Technical Note #180 Filename: X11GNU.TEC
by Brian Cunningham and Tom Bortels CompuServe: X11GNU.TEC
Last revised: 3/2/93 Category: API

Subject: How to get started with X Window programming by getting the
DESQview/X development tools and the GNU C/C++ compiler for free.


It is possible to get everything you need to develop X applications for
DESQview/X for free. Aside from the cost of the telephone call, getting a C
compiler and X11 libraries costs nothing if you use the following methods.

1. Download from the Quarterdeck BBS

You can download the GNU C/C++ compiler and libraries from the Quarterdeck BBS
at (310) 314-3227. You will need to contact the sysop and ask for extra time,
as the files are quite large. The X libraries are contained in two files:
QDDVX101A.ZIP and QDDVX101B.ZIP. The GNU C/C++ compiler is also located in the
same download area.

2. Anonymous FTP.

For those of you who are connected to the Internet, the QDVX101.ZIP file can
be obtained from Quarterdeck's Anonymous FTP site:

Host name :
Location : ~/pub/djgpp/v109

Log in as "anonymous", and leave your email address as the password.

The GNU C/C++ compiler is also available at the same location.

It is also available at numerous other sites on the Internet. You can
check with your local archie server for site names and directories.


It is worth knowing that you will have to be an experienced X programmer to
even have a hope of doing anything with the downloaded GNU C/C++ and the X11
library files. The reason for this is that the on-disk documentation is very
difficult to use.

The best solution, if you aren't intimately familiar with X programming (and,
possibly, even if you are), is to purchase the DESQview/X X11 Starter Kit.
When this technote was written the cost of the Starter Kit was only $50.00.
The Starter Kit contains:

* A manual called the DESQview/X Toolkit Roadmap.

* The GNU C/C++ compiler.

* A DOS Extender.

* X11 libraries for the GNU compiler.

* DESQview/X system library with Berkeley Socket Interface.

* Sample programs and Make files.

If you consider the cost of the download call and the time you may waste
trying to use the files without a manual, the Starter Kit is a bargain.

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