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ID:SD SMARTDrive from Microsoft
Quarterdeck Technical Note #184 Filename: SMARTDRV.TEC
by Stan Young CompuServe: SMTDRV.TEC
Last revised: 2/12/92 Category: SW3

Subject: Using Microsoft's SmartDrive disk cache with QEMM-386 and/or


The Windows Setup procedure installs Microsoft's disk cache called
SMARTDRV.SYS. The default size of this cache tends to be large. Windows can
reclaim memory from this cache when it starts up, however programs that are
run outside of Windows which use expanded memory cannot do this. If you run
programs outside of Windows which would benefit from expanded or extended
memory, you may want to consider either removing SMARTDRV.SYS entirely from
your CONFIG.SYS file, or at least reducing its size.

SMARTDRV.SYS takes parameters to set the size of the cache, the first
parameter being the "NormalCacheSize" and the second being the
"MinimumCacheSize". An example SMARTDrive installation might look as follows:


In this example, SMARTDrive takes 1024K (1MB) of memory when you are not in
Windows and 256K while you are running Windows. While it is difficult to
suggest a cache size that might be best for you, one possible suggestion might
be to use the minimum amount only. To do this, using the example above, you
would edit the line to read:


No problems have been detected between any Quarterdeck products and this
cache, so if you feel you would benefit from disk caching, and SMARTDrive
meets your performance requirements, it should be fine to use. As noted the
default size tends to be a bit large for users who are using programs that
benefit from expanded or extended memory, but the information above should
give you some hints on how to adjust this usage.

Only you can determine the appropriate size of the cache, depending on how
disk intensive your programs are, compared to your programs need for expanded
or extended memory. If you are not running programs that are disk intensive,
deleting the cache entirely may make sense.

Further information on the parameters used to control the size of SMARTDRV.SYS
can be found in the back of the Windows 3.0 manual.

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