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ID:P1 IBM PS/1 and Optimize
Quarterdeck Technical Note #234 Filename: PS1.TEC
by Quarterdeck Testing & Compatibility CompuServe: PS1.TEC
Last revised: 2/29/93 Category: HW

Subject: Special considerations when installing or running QRAM or QEMM-386 on
IBM PS/1 machines.


PLEASE NOTE: The PS/1 and the PS/1 Expert are completely different in
regards to the way they boot and load their CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT. For
those with the PS/1 Expert, see the addendum at the end of this technote.

There are a few unusual aspects to the IBM PS/1 computers that must be
addressed in order to install QEMM-386 or QRAM and run OPTIMIZE.


1) The IBM PS/1 boots off a ROM with a built-in CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT.
These files cannot be changed, which QEMM-386 or QRAM and OPTIMIZE must do.
This may be changed by choosing the "IBM DOS" selection from the opening
screen when the machine boots, then choosing the "Customize How System Starts"
selection from this menu.
In the middle of this screen you will see:

Choose where the computer looks for the operating system:
Start From Built-in DOS
Try Diskette First (Otherwise Start From Built-in DOS)
Try Diskette First, Then Try Fixed Disk

choose the last option "Try Diskette First, Then Try Fixed Disk".

On the bottom of this screen you will see:

When the System Starts From Built-in DOS the Following
Options Can be Set:
Read CONFIG.SYS: Built-in From Disk
Read AUTOEXEC.BAT: Built-in From Disk
Disk to Read From: A: C:

Choose the "From Disk" option for both the CONFIG.SYS and the AUTOEXEC.BAT.
Choose the "C:" option for "Disk to Read From:". This will cause your
computer to boot from the CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT on the hard disk instead
of from the ROM.

2) The CONFIG.SYS on the hard disk is Read-Only. It must be changed to
Read/Write. This can be done by typing:


at the DOS prompt, then pressing the "Enter" key.

3) There is a line in the CONFIG.SYS which causes a shell program to be
loaded. This will keep OPTIMIZE from working properly. This line must be
disabled for the duration of OPTIMIZE. This line is:


You must insert the word "REM" at the beginning of this line, making it:


Be sure to use a word processor that does not add any formatting characters.
The program "EDLIN", or "Works", both supplied with your computer, will do
just fine. This "REM" may be removed after OPTIMIZE has finished.

4) You are now ready to install QEMM-386 or QRAM and run OPTIMIZE.


5) After the first step of OPTIMIZE, the process will halt without

completing. This is due to an obscure bug in the way batch files are executed
in this version of IBM PC-DOS written for the PS/1. This problem is easily
solved. First, edit the file C:\OPT2.BAT. The last line will be something


On a completely new line after this one, insert the word "VER". Don't make
any changes to the original line, just add a new line, with the word "VER".
The end of your AUTOEXEC.BAT will now look like:


Be sure to use a word processor that does not add any formatting characters.
The program "EDLIN", or "Works", both supplied with your computer, will do
just fine.

6) Now run OPT2.BAT by typing:


and then pressing the "Enter" key.

7) OPTIMIZE will now complete. If you desire, you can now reverse step 3.


1) ST:F works on the PS/1. SHELLSTB ROMSHELL works with ST:M only if certain
Excludes are used. These Excludes can be discovered by using techniques
described in the Quarterdeck Technical Bulletin #205, "Stealth
Troubleshooting." If you do not use this PS/1's special shell feature, you
need no excludes to use ST:M.

2) The obscure bug that causes regular OPTIMIZE to abort prematurely also
causes OPTIMIZE/STEALTH to abort prematurely. The same solution, appending an
extra line with the word "VER" on it, must be applied to OPT1TEST and
OPTAUTO.BAT after the first reboot (then run OPT1TEST) and to OPT2.BAT after
the second re-boot.

The Expert is completely different. The only issue QEMM-386 has with
the Expert is that it ends the AUTOEXEC with a batch file, START.BAT, which it
does not CALL and runs PS1MENU, a non-terminating menu program. For the
purpose of running Quarterdeck's OPTIMIZE program, you must REMark out this
line in the AUTOEXEC. Change this:


to this:


This will cause START not to run and the PS1MENU not to load. When you
finish OPTIMIZE, you may restore your AUTOEXEC.BAT as it was before.

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* Copyright (C) 1993 by Quarterdeck Office Systems *
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