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ID:NF DESQview/X: Troubleshooting PC-NFS
Quarterdeck Technical Note #204 Filename: PCNFS.TEC
by Brian Doud CompuServe: PCNFS.ZIP
Last revised: 26 April 1993 Category: DVX

Subject: How to troubleshoot and configure DESQview/X's support for Sun's
PC-NFS network.

DESQview/X Network Manager Support:

Sun PC-NFS network support is provided by version 1.1 of the DESQview/X
to Other X Systems Network Manager. The use of this product allows machines
configured for a PC-NFS network to be set up for remote computing with

PC-NFS Version Support:

The DESQview/X Network Manager 1.1 was written to include support for
PC-NFS version 4.0a and above. It is important to note certain file dates,
because PC-NFS packages marked Version 4.0 may not include the updates that
the DESQview/X Network Manager was written for. The following files must be
dated 6-08-92 or later to ensure that the correct version is used:

RTM EXE 32325 06-08-92 4:00a
RNMFILE EXE 18662 06-08-92 4:00a
RNMNIS EXE 34658 06-08-92 4:00a

Should you have an earlier version of these files, DESQview/X Setup will
not recognize the network as being installed. In this event, the files can be
updated by running the update file, NEWRTM.BAT, which appears on your
DESQview/X to Other X Systems disk. If this file is not included on your
diskette, the files are available on the Quarterdeck BBS as NFSNEW.ZIP. Our
BBS can be reached by calling (310) 314-3227.

PC-NFS Configuration Considerations:

With the default installation of PC-NFS, RTM.EXE is not automatically
loaded in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file. This will cause DESQview/X Setup to not
recognize the network as being installed. Before running Setup, RTM.EXE must
be added to the end of the AUTOEXEC.BAT file. When Setup is rerun, the choice
for Sun PC-NFS should be available.

Remote Computing:

Before attempting to conduct remote computing with DESQview/X under a
PC-NFS configuration, you must first be able to PING the other machines
successfully. If PING works, then other remote processing functions should
work correctly.

PC-NFS does not support loopbacks. What this means is that an attempt to
Qconnect yourself will result in a connection failure of one sort or another,
usually in the form of an error stating that the machine is not recognized.

Running Optimize with PC-NFS:

Optimize should complete straight through without conflicts with any of
the network driver set. However, if an Ethernet (e.g., 3Com or Western
Digital) or Token-Ring adapter is used, it may be necessary to exclude the RAM
buffer to avoid High RAM conflicts. When the NDIS drivers are installed to
allow the use of dual protocol or support of non-NFS-specific network cards,
the driver PROTMAN.DOS is installed as well. Because of the known conflicts
between PROTMAN.DOS and older versions of QEMM's LOADHI, changes were made to
LOADHI to account for PROTMAN's behavior during the Optimize procedure which
should allow it to be correctly processed by Optimize.

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