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ID:PS Quarterdeck's Passport Support Program
Quarterdeck Technical Note #189 Filename: PASSPORT.TEC
by Bob Perry CompuServe:
Last revised: 7/20/92 Category: QP

Subject: A description of Quarterdeck's optional product support services --
extended support, developer support, and corporate support.

Q. What kind of support is included in the purchase price of my Quarterdeck

All Quarterdeck software comes with 90-days of free, unlimited telephone, fax
and mail support for registered users. This warranty period starts with your
first call, fax or letter for that product. Feel free to contact our
technical support personnel or authorized support centers with your technical
questions. Here are our primary points of contact:

Quarterdeck USA (310) 392-9701
QOS USA FAX (310) 314-3217
QOS USA BBS (310) 314-3227
BIX join DESQview

Q. How can I extend support beyond 90-days?

Quarterdeck offers additional support plans for those with special needs.
There's Extended Support for those who wish for telephone, fax or letter
support after the free 90-day period. There's Priority Support for those who
like fast service and special low upgrade prices. There's Professional
Support for DESQview developers and system integrators requiring consulting in
DESQview API program-ming and systems integration. And finally there's
Corporate Support, tailored specifically for corporations having more than 25
users of Quarterdeck products.

You may subscribe to these continued support plans at any time. Any free
basic Passport Support time for which you are eligible will not be affected by
purchasing any support package. In fact, if you purchase a Priority,
Corporate, or Professional Passport plan, any remaining free support time will
be converted to the Passport plan selected at no extra charge. This means
your call will go right to the express line and to your designated support

Important Note: Extended, Priority, Professional and Corporate Passport
Support provide access to telephone and fax support for all of a user's
registered Quarterdeck products.

EXTENDED PASSPORT: Extended Passport is for users who want support after the
90-day limited warranty period expires. Extended Passport Support entitles
you to one year of telephone, fax or letter support from Quarterdeck or a
Quarterdeck authorized support center. You can make/send as many as 15 calls,
faxes or letters during the year.

Extended Passport cost..........$60 Per Year

Q. How can I extend my support, use the special 1-800 number, and "jump to
the front of the express line" when I call?

In addition to our Extended Passport Support plan outlined above, we provide
three other levels of Passport Support. The following three levels of
Passport Support (Priority, Professional and Corporate Support) not only
extend your service period but put you in first place, in our "express
service" line, when you contact us for support.

PRIORITY PASSPORT: Priority Passport is for users who like individual
attention on an immediate basis. With your Priority Passport you get first
access for up to 25 calls throughout the year to technical support
representatives while others, without a Priority Passport, are waiting.
(Priority Passport users jump to the front of the line.)

In addition, a Priority Passport gives you:

Our unpublished 1-800 toll-free line just for Priority Passport

Customer Support white papers on the most frequently asked technical
support questions.

Advance notice, first availability, and special prices on upgrades of
Quarterdeck products.

Deeper access to Quarterdeck's online bulletin board for receiving
program notes, utilities and sample programs.

Extension of 90-day limited warranty on defective products to one (1)
year from the date of purchase or from the date of your receipt of the

Priority Passport cost..........$150 Per Year

DEVELOPER PASSPORT: Developer Passport support provides advanced technical
support and DESQview API support (up to 20 calls) to a developer or systems
integrator who is designing and implementing systems incorporating Quarterdeck
software. For Developer Passport support we have special technical
support/API specialists available to answer your technical, network,
integration and DESQview API questions.

We've also set aside a special section of the Quarterdeck bulletin board for
Developer Passport support. This means that for those using the bulletin
board, we're able to send you code samples and special utility software that
may help you solve your problems.

Developer Passport cost..........$450 Per Year


Corporate Passport Support: this package is [targeted] aimed at corporations
with more than 25 users of Quarterdeck products. So that you can get fast,
consistent support, we direct your call or fax to our senior technical support
representatives who specialize in corporate support. Corporate Passports also
have special technical support phone lines into Quarterdeck. Your corporate
representatives are also given priority access to our bulletin board, and
copies of all customer support white papers on frequently asked questions and
on specific configuration setups for networks and communications networks.

In addition Passport Corporate Support gives you:

Special pricing on training services for you and your staff offered
through our DESQaway branches located world-wide.

Advance notice, first availability, and special prices on upgrades of
Quarterdeck products.

Extended access to Quarterdeck's online bulletin board.

Extension of 90-day limited warranty on defective products to one (1)
year from the date of purchase or from the date of your receipt of the

Corporate Passport cost..........$900 Per Year

To place your order and become a Passport Support subscriber you may call our
Order DESQ at (800) 354-3222 (FAX: 800 354 3329) or just ask your Technical
Support Team representative next time you call. Any way you want to go,
Quarterdeck has a plan for you!

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