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ID:OM Memory Errors in DESQview
Quarterdeck Technical Note #114 Filename: OUTMEM.TEC
by Stan Young CompuServe: OUTMEM.TEC
Last revised: 2/11/92 Category: DV

Subject: A description of the various "Out of Memory" messages that you might
receive under DESQview, and some advice on how to resolve them.

An out of memory message when loading a program means one of three things:

1. There has not been enough memory allocated to the program and the program
is giving the error message. In this case, run DESQview's Change a Program
and allocate more memory (in the "Memory Size in K" field). Remember,
regardless of the total memory on your machine, the program will only see what
was allocated to the window.

2. You have allocated too much memory to the window and DESQview is giving
you a message indicating it doesn't have enough free memory to make the
partition that big. Try making the figure in "Memory Size in K" smaller. Run
the DESQview Memory Status program and check the figure listed in the field
Conventional Memory/Largest Available. This figure should give you a clue as
to the maximum size window you can open after allowing for an 11K overhead if
you are loading a text based program or 22K for a graphics based program.

3. You may have entered a value for "System Memory (in K)" on the advanced
options menu of Change a Program. For non-DESQview specific programs, this
figure should always be zero. Even in the case of DESQview specific programs,
this figure would rarely be above 10K. Having a figure in this field
increases the overhead for the window by a corresponding amount.

When selecting a memory size for your application, you should consult the
program's user manual to see what the developers feel is the minimum memory
requirement. Usually, this is stated in the early portions of the manual or
sometimes on the box that the manual came in. Generally you can deduct 30-40K
from this number, since these numbers are generally given in standard "round"
machine sizes and account for the overhead of loading DOS and a few drivers.
This overhead need not be calculated as part of the DESQview window size.

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