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ID:MO Mouse Setup in DESQview
Quarterdeck Technical Note #140 Filename: MOUSE.TEC
by Dan Sallitt CompuServe: MOUSE.TEC
Last revised: 3/19/93 Category: DV

Subject: A general treatise on DESQview and the mouse.

Although DESQview has limited capabilities to drive some mice directly,
it would very much like to see a Microsoft-compatible mouse driver loaded
before starting DESQview.
In the DESQview Setup program under the Mouse option, the field "Mouse
Type" should be set to 2 for a Microsoft or compatible driver. The other
choices are intended for the few users with ancient non-Microsoft-compatible
mice, and their use is not recommended.
The field "Mouse Port" is normally self-explanatory: choose 0 (labeled
"Add-On Board") for a bus mouse, 1 for a serial mouse on COM1, and 2 for a
serial mouse on COM2. If you have a machine with a special mouse port (such
as the PS/2 computers and the Compaq 386SX), choose 0 for "Add-On Board."
The field "Left-Handed Mouse?" should only be set to Y if you want to
switch the functions of the mouse's left and right buttons.
The hardware interrupt that your bus mouse is using should be
investigated if you are having mouse problems in DESQview. Except for mice
that run on special mouse ports (which use IRQ12), bus mice can use IRQ2
through IRQ7 in DESQview 2.25 and earlier. Starting with DESQview 2.26, bus
mice can also use IRQ9 through IRQ15 on ATs and 386s (with the obvious
exception of the hard disk interrupt, IRQ14). The convention is to place bus
mice on IRQ2 on PCs and XTs and on IRQ5 on ATs and 386s. A bus mouse on IRQ5
on a PC or XT will be in conflict with the hard disk.
Mouse menus for individual programs should, as a general rule, be loaded
inside the DESQview window with the program; mouse menus loaded before
DESQview may conflict with DESQview's agenda for the mouse. Starting with
DESQview 2.26, the DESQview startup parameter /dm:y (Delay Mouse) may help if
a mouse menu does not function inside a DESQview window. Due to a peculiarity
of the Logitech software, it is impossible for a Logitech mouse menu inside a
DESQview window to find the Logitech mouse driver loaded before DESQview.
There are two workarounds for this problem, but each is potentially unstable:

1) sacrifice DESQview's mouse handling by setting "Mouse Type" to 0 in
the DESQview Setup program;
2) load the Logitech mouse driver both before DESQview and inside the
DESQview window before the Logitech menu program.

Occasionally the mouse setup for individual programs can affect the
performance of the mouse inside DESQview. 1) It may benefit DESQview users
with Microsoft-compatible mouse drivers to set up their programs to run with a
Microsoft mouse instead of with a particular brand of Microsoft-compatible
mouse. 2) If a program offers separate options for a Microsoft bus mouse and
a Microsoft serial mouse, it may be preferable to choose the bus mouse option,
whatever type mouse you may have. This option may force the program to speak
to the mouse through the driver instead of directly driving the mouse on the
serial port. 3) Programs that offer a "mouse driver" option (like WordPerfect
5.1) may run better inside DESQview if this option is chosen instead of a "bus
mouse" or "serial mouse" option. This, of course, presupposes that a mouse
driver is in fact loaded before DESQview.
If you have DESQview 2.26 or later, it may be possible for a program
inside DESQview to drive the mouse directly even if no mouse driver is loaded.
In this situation, the field "Mouse Type" in the DESQview Setup program (under
the Mouse option) should be set to 0. The mouse will then not function on the
DESQview menus, and DESQview will not be able to resolve conflicts between two
programs in DESQview windows that are both driving the mouse directly.

*This technical note may be copied and distributed freely as long as it*
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* Copyright (C) 1991 by Quarterdeck Office Systems *
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