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ID:KM Keyboard Mouse Key
Quarterdeck Technical Note #117 Filename: KBMOUSE.TEC
by Stan Young CompuServe: KBMOUS.TEC
Last revised: 2/10/92 Code: DV

Subject: What is that diamond that appears on the screen when you tap the
Control key under DESQview? Eeek! It's the keyboard mouse! This
note explains what the keyboard mouse is designed to do, and how to
disable it if you prefer.

One of the problems that affects some DESQview users that do not have a
mouse is that they may on occasion inadvertently activate the DESQview
Keyboard Mouse. The Keyboard Mouse is activated when you tap the Control key
all by itself. When this happens, you get a beep and a diamond shaped cursor
appears on the screen. At this point, if you move the cursor keys the diamond
cursor moves and the normal cursor action for the program you were running is
disabled. If you tap the control key again, you get a double beep and the
diamond cursor will go away and cursor control will return to your
This is all quite normal. The Keyboard Mouse is provided in DESQview to
maintain IBM's "TopView" compatibility, since TopView/DESQview specific
applications could require a mouse. Since TopView defines the Control key as
the key to activate the keyboard mouse, this is the DESQview default.
However, some users who may have a tendency to activate the Keyboard
Mouse by accident may wish to make it more difficult to turn on. With DV
2.26, simply run the DESQview Setup program, choose Advanced Setup, and select
"K" for Keyboard. Select Y for "Change system keys? (Y/N)".
Change the Line for Keyboard Mouse so that the Keyboard Mouse Key is
changed from "C" to "0" for disabled. Then hit Enter four times, which
returns you to the DOS prompt.
The following method is favored by tech support for versions of Desqview
prior to DV 2.26:

First, run the DESQview Setup Program. Take the Advanced Setup and
select "K" for Keyboard. Move down to the option that says "Change
system keys? (Y/N)" and type "Y." This takes you to another menu for
defining the system keys. Change the line for Keyboard Mouse as shown

Key to Press Key(s) to Hold Down
Key Which Alt Shift Ctrl

"Keyboard Mouse" Key C E N N N

This necessitates changing only the "Key to Hold Down/Ctrl" to "N."
After doing this, hit the Enter key and keep hitting it until you have backed
out of Setup to the DOS prompt. Restart DESQview; now, you cannot activate
the Keyboard Mouse since you cannot both press the Control Key and not be
holding it down. Setting the "Key(s) to Hold Down" to "N" for the same key
you have chosen in "Key to Press" will keep any of the system keys from
working. For more information on this, read technote #196, "Changing your
DESQview System Keys."

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