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ID:SF QEMM: Install on a Single Floppy System
Quarterdeck Technical Note #193 Filename: FLPYDISK.TEC
by Yasser Taima CompuServe: DSKLSS.TEC
Last revised: 5/20/92 Category: QEMM

Subject: Creating a boot disk for installing QEMM-386 on a single-floppy drive
system with no local hard drive.

Q: I have a workstation with a single floppy and no hard drive. How do I
install QEMM?

A: Run the INSTALL procedure and put the files on the network or on another
machine's hard disk, then copy the necessary files from the network or the
hard disk to a startup disk, as shown below.

QEMM refers to any of the following Quarterdeck products:

QEMM-386 for 386, 386SX, and i486 compatible PC's.
QEMM-50/60 for IBM PS/2 models 50, 60 and 50Z.

The QEMM Install program was written to make QEMM's installation as quick
and as simple as possible. You can directly install on any drive you have
EXCEPT the one housing the QEMM diskette you're running the Install from.

This means that you cannot run the Install program on a PC with only one
diskette drive and install to the same drive, a problem if you are on a
diskless workstation and need to install QEMM to a startup disk. Whether you
are on a networked or stand alone PC, a different approach to installation is

1. If your PC is on a network:

a. Put the QEMM diskette in the diskette drive (usually A:) and run
INSTALL. Proceed with the installation steps.

To the question, "Where should QEMM and Manifest be installed?" answer
"F:\QEMMDISK", without the quotation marks. If F: is not a network
drive on your system, you must use one of your other network drives.
This will install QEMM on the network. At the end of the process, do
not run OPTIMIZE, as install will prompt you to do.

b. Remove the QEMM diskette and put your network startup diskette in the
diskette drive.

i. Create a QEMM directory on the startup diskette and copy all of the
files in F:\QEMMDISK to the A:\QEMM directory:

A:\>mkdir QEMM
A:\>cd \QEMM
A:\QEMM>copy F:\QEMMDISK\*.* *.*

Note: If there isn't enough space on the startup diskette
for all the files, only copy the QEMM file:


ii. Use your text editor to modify the config.sys file on the startup
diskette. You'll need to add the following line to the beginning
of the config.sys:


2. If your PC is not on a network:

Install the QEMM on another PC with a hard disk, or install on a RAM
disk, then follow the above instructions for paragraph 1.b, using C
instead of F for the drive letter.

Your startup diskette is now ready to go!

Again, please note that F: refers to a typical network drive. If you
normally use G: or H: or any other letter, replace F: with G: or H: or that
other letter. The same applies to the non-network installation. If you use
D: or any other letter for the PC with the hard disk, replace C: with D: or
that other letter.
As an alternative, if you have enough memory, you can create a RAM disk
with a program like VDISK.SYS, RAMDRIVE.SYS, or NJRAMD.SYS, install to the RAM
disk, then copy the installed files back to the boot floppy you have prepared.
Be careful not to re-boot, as the contents of the RAM drive will be lost and
you will have to start over.

*This technical note may be copied and distributed freely as long as it*
*is distributed in its entirety and it is not distributed for profit. *
* Copyright (C) 1990-2 by Quarterdeck Office Systems *
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