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ID:D3 DESQview and DESQview-386
Quarterdeck Technical Note #231 Filename: DV386.TEC
by Michael Bolton CompuServe: DV386.TEC
Last revised: 1/08/92 Category: DV

Subject: An explanation of the differences between DESQview and DESQview 386.

Q. What is the difference between DESQview and DESQview 386?

A. Quarterdeck makes a single multitasking program: DESQview. DESQview works
on ANY processor in the Intel 8086 family, or on compatible processors.
DESQview's feature set, including multitasking of DOS applications, Scripts
(keyboard macros), Mark and Transfer (interchange of information between
windows), menuing, DOS services, and logical drives, is exactly the same on
all processors.

The ability to multitask DOS applications on a processor less than a 386 is
dependent upon the size of the programs that you wish to multitask, and the
expanded memory hardware installed on your machine. More information on this
topic is provided in the Quarterdeck Technical Note 286.TEC -- DESQview on
8088, 8086, and 80286 Processors.

QEMM-386 is the Quarterdeck Expanded Memory Manager for 386 and 486
processors. QEMM-386 unlocks the power of your 386 or 486 computer by
providing EMS 3.2, EEMS, and EMS 4.0 expanded memory, XMS and VCPI extended
memory, and High RAM from the unmanaged extended memory on your machine. When
DESQview is run on a 386 processor, with memory management provided by QEMM-
386, DESQview becomes a powerful 386 control program that we call DESQview
386. QEMM-386 and DESQview in this combination can thus allow you to run DOS
and DOS-Extended applications concurrently, regardless of the type of memory
that they require; QEMM's memory management allows "misbehaved" programs --
programs that write text or graphics directly to screen -- to be "virtualized"
-- that is, to run in small windows or in background under DESQview.

DESQview and QEMM-386 can be purchased in a single package, called DESQview
386, from your favorite retailer. However, DESQview and QEMM-386 may be
purchased separately, so if you already have one, you need only buy the other
to have a complete copy of DESQview 386. Not one byte of program code is
different between the standalone versions and the bundled version. DESQview
386 is simply QEMM-386 and DESQview in the same box -- the same red box at
your retailers, or the same beige box on your desktop.

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