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ID:DM Memory Usage by DESQview
Quarterdeck Technical Note #111 Filename: DESQMEM.TEC
by Dan Sallitt CompuServe: DESQME.TEC
Last revised: 2/13/92 Category: DV

Subject: A discussion of how much memory DESQview uses, where it uses memory,
and where DESQview can load window overhead.

Q: How much memory does DESQview use?

In its unmodified state, DESQview takes up, somewhere in memory, between 145K
and 180K. The differences are due to various drivers that DESQview may or may
not load depending on its setup configuration and the hardware on which it is
running. The low-end figure of 145K can be reduced a bit by throwing away
features in DESQview's Setup. For information on how to do this, read
Quarterdeck Technical Bulletin #161, "Maximizing Window Size in DESQview". On
a machine with only 640K of memory, all of DESQview's code resides in
conventional memory.

If your machine has extended memory, DESQview can place 63K of its code at the
beginning of extended memory with our QEXT.SYS (QEMM-386 provides this service
as well) driver and our XDV.COM loader.

If your machine has any kind of expanded memory, DESQview can place 32K of its
code (slightly more on a VGA system) in the EMS page frame with XDV.COM,
switching this code out of harm's way when the page frame is in use. When
both extended and expanded memory are present, DESQview can therefore remove
about 95K of itself from conventional memory.

If your machine's expanded memory permits the mapping of additional pages of
expanded memory between 640K and 1024K, DESQview can place even more of its
code in high RAM with XDV.COM. On a machine that provides enough free
mappable pages between 640K and 1024K, it is common to observe that DESQview
leaves little more than 1K of its code in conventional memory.

(When computing DESQview's overhead in running a program, you should remember
that a certain amount of memory - 9K, on the average - is taken as overhead
when a window is opened. This figure can be decreased a small amount by
manipulating the Change a Program menus for the program in question.)

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