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by DESQaway Training and Consulting Compuserve:
Last revised: 2/03/92 Category: QP

Subject: Information on DESQaway, Quarterdeck's training and consulting


Save time configuring your PCs. Quarterdeck Office Systems, the maker of QEMM
6 and DESQview, offers two services designed to save you time: Training and

We offer you three ways to learn the tips and tricks for getting the most from
your PCs.

 Memory Management (QEMM) and Multitasking (DESQVIEW)
classes held at our DESQaway training centers.
 Classes held on a seminar basis in major
cities around the world. (call us, toll free
at 1-800-LEARNDV for a schedule). For
effective training, we limit class sizes.
 On-site training. This provides maximum
convenience and personalization by putting a
Quarterdeck expert at your facility.

In addition to training, we also offer consulting services. Whether
you have large networks or multiple standalone PCs, we can insure
your systems are configured for the best possible utilization of
memory. Of course, we're also available to help you multiply your
computing effectiveness with DESQview. Whether you choose training
or consulting, you will find that your Quarterdeck trainer has the
technical skills and presentation style that will help you get the
most from your PCs.

To register, or for more information about our courses, class
schedules, or pricing, give us a call toll free at 1-800-LEARNDV.
A training specialist will personally answer your questions or send
you information.