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ID:DB dBase III Plus and IV Colors
Quarterdeck Technical Note #126 Filename: DBASE.TEC
by Stan Young CompuServe: DBASE.TEC
Last revised: 2/10/92 Category: SW3

Subject: Information on running dBASE III and dBASE IV in DESQview. Describes
a problem with color support, which is a bug in dBASE's support of
DESQview, and gives suggestions for getting around the problem.

dBASE III Plus and dBASE IV use the TopView/DESQview call to write to
DESQview's screen buffer and therefore can be run in a small window and in the
Unfortunately, when the dBASE developers implemented the call, they used
a TopView function called "Logical Colors" incorrectly. As a result, when you
run dBASE with the "Writes Directly to Screen" option turned off, dBASE will
not display the colors that you select with the "SET COLOR TO" option. When
dBASE is run with the default color scheme and is running in the ASSIST mode,
the menu bars do not display highlighting properly.
The most drastic way to cause dBASE to display the screen correctly is to
run DESQview's "Change a Program" and turn on the options "Writes Directly to
Screen" and "Runs Only in Foreground." Using this configuration, colors in
dBASE will appear exactly as they do in DOS. Unfortunately, this prevents the
program from processing in a small window and running properly in the
background unless you are running on a 386 machine, in which case DESQview can
virtualize the screen.
If you don't have to set specific colors, however, there is another
solution that will result in a pleasant, readable set of colors that will run
properly in a window and background:

FIRST - Edit the CONFIG.DB file (in your dBASE directory) and change the
line that says "COMMAND = ASSIST" to:


NEXT - Using a word processor capable of producing ASCII files (such as
you would use to write batch files), make a file called DESQVIEW.PRG and
place it in the dBASE directory. The file should contain the following
two lines followed by a blank line:


When you run dBASE, dBASE will now automatically run the DESQVIEW.PRG
file. This provides a pleasant set of colors, although not exactly the
default colors that it should provide. You may then use the DESQview option to
change the colors further, if you like, by selecting "Rearrange" and "Colors"
from the DESQview main menu.
Let me restate that this problem occurs because of what amounts to a
dBASE III Plus and dBASE IV "bug" in their TopView/DESQview routines. Since
we support these routines, the problem only shows up when you are running in
DESQview or TopView.

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