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ID:CN How to Contact Quarterdeck Technical Support
Quarterdeck Technical Note #144 Filename: CONTACT.TEC
by Quarterdeck Technical Support CompuServe: CONTAC.TEC
Last revised: 11/11/92 Category: INF

Subject: Information on the various ways of contacting Quarterdeck Technical

The purpose of this document is to provide information about the
many different ways you can contect our technical support team.

US Mail - maximum 24-hour response time, Monday - Friday
Quarterdeck Office Systems
Technical Support
150 Pico Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405 USA

Faxes - maximum 24-hour response time, Monday - Friday

Telephone Support Hotline
Our standard technical support hours of operation are from
7:30 am to 4:30 pm, Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday.
We do offer extended support hours through our hotline for
customers that call as early as 2:00 am PST, by automatically
routing these calls to our International Offices in Ireland, at no
extra cost to the caller.

24-hour Outbound self-FAXing: our Q/FAX Service:
310-314-3214 (from your FAX machine)
Pre-recorded instructions are given and you may FAX yourself
back your choice of over 100 different technical bulletins covering
the most commonly asked support questions. Each bulletin has been
prepared by our senior staff to provide a comprehensive analysis.

Technical Support, Canada:
9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time

PUBLIC Message Forums for Quarterdeck Technical Support
In addition to our telephone, fax, and letter support,
Quarterdeck offers electronic Technical Support through your modem
via a variety of online services. Please note that even though
many of these forums have private e-mail capabilities as well as
public message centers, it is usually faster and better to use
public messages for technical support.

Quarterdeck operates its own BBS for Tech Support.
The Quarterdeck BBS USA can be reached at 310-314-3227. The
Quarterdeck BBS has 6 nodes on rotary lines, supporting
communications up to 14,400 bps. Set your modem for 8 bit word
length, No Parity, and 1 Stop Bit. Our BBS is also a SmartNet node.

CompuServe - See our Technical Note (CIS.TEC) for more information.
Public Message Forum ... "GO QUARTERDECK"

BIX (Byte Information eXchange) - See our Technical Note (BIX.TEC)
for more information.
Public Message Forum ... "JOIN DESQVIEW"

Internet - See our Technical Note (INTERNET.TEC) for more
Public Message Forum ... "comp.os.msdos.desqview"

Please note that this message group is not run by Quarterdeck,
but we do have senior technicians active for support here on

SmartNet - See our Technical Note (SNET.TEC) for more information
Public Message Forum ... DESQview Conference

Please note that not all BBSes that are part of SmartNet carry
the DESQview Forum. The Sysop of each BBS decides which forums he
or she wishes to carry. If the Sysop of a particular BBS does not
carry the DESQview Forum, then you will be unable to contact
Quarterdeck via that BBS. However, many Sysops are willing to
carry forums if users request it.

Private E-Mail Addresses for Quarterdeck Technical Support

NOTE: All E-mail on the following electronic information systems
should remain PRIVATE. Methods of contacting Quarterdeck Technical
Support via PUBLIC message forums are discussed earlier in this
document. We strongly recommend the use of PUBLIC message forums
for answering technical support questions. This will result in
faster response time and also allows users to share their technical
support problems with other users that may have similar questions.

Quarterdeck BBS - 310-314-3227 (9600-8-N-1, USRobotics HST DS)
Send E-Mail to ......... Sysop

Send E-Mail to ......... 76004,2310

Send E-Mail to ......... QOS.REP2

MCI Mail
Send E-Mail to ......... QUARTERDECK

Send E-Mail to ......... [email protected]

Our collections of technical bulletins (we call them
"technotes") are available for download via Q/FAX and all our
supported forums (see above). They are also available on large
local BBSs, often in "DESQview" or "multitasking" file areas.

Quarterdeck BBS QFAX# Compuserve BIX
--------------- ----- ---------- ---
BIX.TEC 160 BIX.TEC Technote
CIS.TEC 134 CIS.TEC names are
but may

This technical note may be copied and distributed freely as long as
it is distributed in its entirety and it is not distributed for
Copyright (C) 1991-1993 by Quarterdeck Office Systems
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