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ID:CP DESQview Companions Synopsis
Quarterdeck Technical Note #124 Filename: COMPANIO.TEC
by Bob Perry CompuServe: COMPAN.TEC
Last revised: 3/19/93 Category: QP

Subject: A description of the DESQview Companions -- Link (telecommunications
program), Notepad (text editor), Calculator, and Datebook.

DESQview Datebook, DESQview Calculator, DESQview Notepad
and DESQview Link

Many DESQview users inquire about our DESQview Companions products after
seeing them listed on their DESQview Add a Program list of applications.
These 4 products are contained on the same diskette for a single low price.
They were written by our development team...the same people who write DESQview
itself. Each one balances maximum utility with low program memory size for
maximum DESQview compatibility.

DESQview Datebook
The Datebook Companion gives the user a pop-up calendar program which
shows a month-at-a-glance, year-at-a-glance, week-at-a-glance, or day-at-a-
glance. Many of us here in the lab keep ours zoomed down to just a tiny
rectangular window showing the date and time, but ready to zoom up at an
instant. The Datebook permits calendar entries and alarms to be set far into
the future. Multiple datebook files can be set up for various purposes.

DESQview Calculator
The DESQview Calculator pops up for instant calculations. It does all
one might expect of an ordinary desktop calculator: arithmetic, exponents,
square roots, etc. It has a memory function and (one of its most useful
features) an on-screen "tape" to track the steps in a calculation. An
accountant I know keeps several DESQview Calculator windows open at all times.

DESQview Notepad
The DESQview Notepad is really a combination of a miniature word
processor and information retrieval system. That is because the authors
wanted the ability to write notes and then sort for keywords. The Notepad is
perfect for customization. Lots of folks have made their own "DESQview
RoloDESQ" to keep track of names, addresses, and phone numbers to dial with
their DESQview Auto Dialer. Notepad has a built-in DESQview Learn script
conversion perfect for writing and editing your macros!

DESQview Link
As moderator of our BIX (Byte Information eXchange) DESQview Conference,
I'd be lost without my DESQview Link telecommunications Companion program. It
knows how to dial up, log in and remember all my access codes and passwords.
It is perfect for uploads, downloads, and capturing messages. Its host
sessions are perfect for sending files to friends that have a modem.

The Companions product diskette is sold as a separate add-in for DESQview.

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