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ID:C5 Clipper API Library & Clipper 5.0
Quarterdeck Technical Note #181 Filename: CLIPPER5.TEC
by Quarterdeck API Technical Support CompuServe: CLIPR5.TEC
Last revised: 6/15/92 Category: API

Subject: Notes for developers on how to modify the DESQview Clipper API to be
compatible with Clipper 5.

Re: Upgrading the DESQview API Library for Clipper to Clipper 5.0
To: Clipper API developers

Quarterdeck has definite plans to upgrade the DESQview API Library for Clipper
to provide full support for Clipper 5.0. No release date has been set.

The current API LIbrary version 1.01 (designed to support Clipper Summer '87)
can be easily modified to support Clipper 5.0. All you need to do is modify
the DVAPI.LIB library file. Perform the following general steps:

Install the Clipper UDFs onto your hard disk.
Recompile all the Clipper UDFs with Clipper 5.0 to create
new OBJ files.
Create a response file for the LIB.EXE library manager.
Use LIB.EXE to remove EXTOR.OBJ from DVAPI.LIB and replace
the old UDFs within DVAPI.LIB with the new 5.0 OBJs.

Note that the "C" and Assembler UDFs within DVAPI.LIB require no changes.

Take the following steps to convert the DVAPI.LIB library file to work with
Clipper 5.0:

1. If not already done, install the library's Clipper source files (*.PRG)
from the "Clipper Source" disk:

Create a C:\DVAPI\PRG subdirectory under C:\DVAPI.
Log onto that subdirectory.
Insert the "Clipper Source" disk into drive A:.
Execute the self-extracting PRG.EXE PKUNZIP file:


This will unzip all the PRG files into C:\DVAPI\PRG.

2. Recompile all the PRG files with Clipper 5.0. Create and run the
following batch file MKOBJS.BAT containing:

for %%f in (p_*.prg) do clipper %%f -m

This will create a P_*.OBJ file for each P_*.PRG file.

3. Log onto C:\DVAPI where DVAPI.LIB should reside and create a DVAPIPRG.RSP
response file for Microsoft's LIB.EXE containing:


4. Remove EXTOR.OBJ from DVAPI.LIB (with Clipper 5.0 it has been added to
CLIPPER.LIB) and replace the old Summer '87 P_*.OBJ files within
DVAPI.LIB with the new 5.0 P_*.OBJ files:

Execute LIB.EXE with the DVAPIPRG.RSP response file:

lib @dvapiprg.rsp

This creates a new DVAPI.LIB file which supports 5.0. You may now recompile
your source programs with Clipper 5.0 and relink with RTLink for Clipper 5.0.

Beware! The initial release of Clipper 5.0 has some major bugs due mostly to
its VMM. So, don't call Quarterdeck if you have problems executing Clipper
5.0 programs linked with your new DVAPI.LIB.

For further information, contact:

API Technical Support
Quarterdeck Office Systems
(310) 392-9701 Phone
(310) 314-3217 Fax

*This technical note may be copied and distributed freely as long as it*
*is distributed in its entirety and it is not distributed for profit. *
* Copyright (C) 1990-2 by Quarterdeck Office Systems *
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