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ID:CS Technical Support via Compuserve
Quarterdeck Technical Note #134 Filename: CIS.TEC
by Gene Venable CompuServe: CIS.TEC
Last revised: 1/22/92 Category: INF

Subject: How to contact Quarterdeck and other Quarterdeck customers on

With half a million subscribers, CompuServe is more of an electronic city
than a community, yet somehow it has the feel of the best of both worlds.
Subscribers can get information on virtually any subject, and experts are
usually available to explain that information in a way that matches the user's
level of expertise. CompuServe, however, is not just an information service;
it is a band of friends, ready to help or argue or commiserate or point out,
as the situation requires.

CompuServe rates are $6.00 an hour for communications below 1200 baud and
$12.50 an hour for 1200-2400 baud. Your communications program can probably
be left at its standard settings, since CompuServe allows typical bulletin
board settings of 8 bits, no parity, and 1 stop bit. You may subscribe to
CompuServe using a registration package that you is available at most computer
and software stores. Many users minimize the cost of going online and getting
information by using TAPCIS or AUTOSIG, two popular programs that automate
interaction with CompuServe, thus greatly speeding online activities and
allowing the transmitting and receiving of hundreds of selected messages or
files in minutes. TAPCIS may be downloaded from the TAPCIS forum on
CompuServe; AUTOSIG is available from Library 1 of the IBMCOM forum.

Quarterdeck participates in Section 1 of the QUARTERDECK forum, which you
may reach by typing GO QUARTERDECK at a prompt. The first time that you enter
the QUARTERDECK forum you will be asked to join it, which you should do, since
it involves no additional cost and allows you access to everything available
in the QUARTERDECK forum; all you need to do is agree to join the forum and
give your name. After entering the QUARTERDECK forum, type MES BRO SEC:1 to
browse thru the messages in Section 1, choosing which messages you wish to
read. To browse through the files available for download, enter LIB 1 and at
the following prompt enter BRO. To get help on CompuServe, simply enter HELP
at a prompt. Another popular hangout for Desqview users is the Multitasking
section of the IBMSYS forum, Section 4.

Here is a typical selection of "threads," or topics, discussed in Section
1 of the QUARTERDECK forum:

53997 NG and DV's new version
53948 Windows 3.0 and QEMM
54016 Startup Video
53957 DV/Zoom/Sight Problem
53989 QEMM-386 start-up
53969 [ 1] QEMM 5.1-FACTS
54025 ?dvansi + dos4.01?
54036 QEMM 50/60
54007 Carbon Copy Plus
53966 DV.bat
53964 [ 1] Multitasking/Procomm
53941 [ 1] DV 2.26 and WP 5.1
53976 DV 2.26 and Quattro Pro
53987 DV and LAN

The opportunity for users of Quarterdeck products to exchange information
and opinions via CompuServe and other electronic information services is
invaluable; our users are often very concerned with keeping up with the latest
developments in software and hardware, and nowhere else is it possible to find
out what's happening now with such immediacy. Users who want to squeeze out
faster performance or more memory would have to have mighty good connections
to match the incredible resources of advice, expertise, and knowledge
available to anyone who accesses CompuServe. We welcome your participation.

*This technical note may be copied and distributed freely as long as it*
*is distributed in its entirety and it is not distributed for profit. *
* Copyright (C) 1990-2 by Quarterdeck Office Systems *
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