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ID:CD Choosing a Directory When Starting a DESQview Window
Quarterdeck Technical Note #217 Filename: CHOOSDIR.TEC
by Joe Wilder CompuServe: CHOOSD.TEC
Last revised: 2/06/92 Category: DV

Subject: How to configure programs running under DESQview so that you can
choose an appropriate directory on startup.


A question mark may be used in the parameter field of Change a Program to
cause a program to pause and take input while starting. This function can be
incorporated into a system whereby a batch file is used to start the program
and a variable in the batch file lets you choose a default directory while the
batch file is running. The DESQview manual has a reference to the use of a
question mark in the parameter field. It can be found by looking under
"parameters" in the index at the back the book. Here is an example of how
Change a Program should look:

Change a Program

Program Name............: WordPerfect 5

Keys to Use on Open Menu: WP Memory Size (in K): 400
Program...: WORDPERF.BAT

Parameters: ?

Directory.: \

Writes text directly to screen.......: [N]
Displays graphics information........: [Y]
Virtualize text/graphics (Y,N,T).....: [N]
Uses serial ports (Y,N,1,2)..........: [N]
Requires floppy diskette.............: [N]

Here is an example of how the batch file should look:


CD %1

We've purposely made the batch file with a different name than the
program startup file. The reason for this is that, in most versions of DOS,
if there is a WP.BAT and a WP.EXE file in the same directory, the WP.EXE file
will be executed even if you specifically type in WP.BAT to start it. I put
the WORDPERF.BAT file in the root directory. However, I could have put it in
the \WP50 directory, because the filename is different from that of the
WordPerfect executable file.

When you start WordPerfect from the DESQview Open Window menu, the batch
file starts to run, but immediately pauses because of the question mark in the
parameter field in Change a Program. The "%1" variable on the "CD %1" line in
the batch file is part of DOS's batch language; it provides a way for the user
to specify a parameter on the command line and have it be passed to a
particular place inside the batch file. The directory you type in at the
pause will be placed in the batch file in place of the "%1." When you hit the
Enter key, the batch file will continue and start WordPerfect from the
directory you have specified.

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