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ID:BK Books of Interest to Users of QOS
Quarterdeck Technical Note #132 Filename: BOOKS.TEC
by Stan Young and Michael Bolton CompuServe: BOOKS.TEC
Last revised: 2/23/92 Code: INF

Subject: A list of third-party books on Quarterdeck products and on topics of
general interest to our customers -- such as memory management,
multitasking, and the X Window System.

The following is a list of third-party books available on DESQview, QEMM, the
DESQview API or books that contain information on multitasking, memory
management, X Windows, or other topics which might be of interest to our
users. Prices given are based on current suggested retail and are subject to

"DESQview Revealed," by Dave Williams, Howard W. Sams & Company, 11711 North
College Ave, Suite 141. Carmel, IN 46032. 1st edition 1992, 276 pages. Price

An excellent guide to getting the most out of DESQview. Includes a diskette
of very useful utilities. A clearly-written, thorough guide to DESQview and
QEMM-386, with good technical information.


"The Best Book of DESQview," Jack Nimersheim, Howard W. Sams & Company, 11711
North College, Suite 141, Carmel, IN 46032. 1st Edition 1990, 396 pages.
Price $24.95

A user-friendly guide to DESQview, the Companions, QEMM and Manifest. Contains
many tips and a good discussion of the DESQview Learn feature.


"Mastering DESQview," Jonathan Kamin, Scott, Foresman IBM Computer Books,
1900 E. Lake Avenue, Glenview, IL 60025. 1st Edition 1990, 387 pages. Price

A comprehensive guide to the use of DESQview, with emphasis on hints and
techniques which enhance the use of DESQview. Special emphasis on creative
use of DESQview's Learn (macro) facility.


"DESQview - A Guide to Programming the DESQview Multitasking Environment," by
Stephen R. Davis, M&T Books Publishing, 501 Galveston Drive, Redwood City, CA
94063. 346 pages. 1st Edition, 1989.

A very good source on programming using the DESQview API. This is a tutorial
book with lots of examples. Would be useful to programmers who find our API
manuals somewhat daunting. All examples are in "C"; however, there is lots of
general information which would be useful for developers programming in any

Available direct from M&T and bookstores which specialize in technical works.
Can be ordered from Quarterdeck order line at (310) 314-3222 for $24.95
($39.95 with disk - 5 1/4 inch only).

"The Official DESQview Sourcebook," Larry Joel Goldstein, Bantam Computer
Books, 666 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10103. 351 pages. 1st edition - Sept. '89,
price $22.95 ($27.95 Canada).

A comprehensive guide to the use of DESQview, QEMM and the DESQview
Companions. Contains a section on the DESQview API that may serve as an
introduction, but this is not a programmer's book. A useful adjunct to the
Quarterdeck manuals when you want similar information "from another view."


"MS-DOS Beyond 640K, Working With Extended and Expanded Memory," James Forney,
Windcrest Books, Division of TAB Books Inc., Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17294-0850.
2nd Edition 1992. 283 pages. Price $22.95.

Not a DESQview/QEMM book specifically, but an excellent book on the subject of
memory, with many references to DESQview and QEMM.

Highly recommended to users who really want to understand the use of memory in
their PC's.


"Extending DOS," Ray Duncan, Charles Petzold, M. Steven Baker, Andrew
Schulman, Stephen R. Davis, Ross P. Nelson, Robert Moote, Addison-Wesley
Publishing Co., Second edition, 1992.

An excellent work on DOS memory usage and some of the options for extending
DOS. For advanced users and programmers. Quite a bit of example source code
included. Covers IBM PC Programming Architecture, EMS, XMS, DOS Extenders,
Windows, DESQview, VCPI, DPMI and Multitasking.


"DESQview Instant Reference," Paul J. Perry, 1991, Sybex, 166 Pages. Price

This is a basic, short reference guide to DESQview, QEMM-386, and Manifest. It
covers up to versions 2.3 of DESQview and version 5.1 of QEMM-386. It
describes the use of all the DESQview functions, QEMM-386 switches, and
switches for LOADHI, QEMM.COM, VIDRAM. All the information provided is in the
Quarterdeck manuals.


"Understanding DESQview," Richard Altman, 1991, Sybex, 307 pages. Price


"PC Interrupts," Ralf Brown and Jim Kyle, 1991, Addison-Wesley. Price $32.95.

This is an exhaustive encyclopedia of almost all documented and undocumented
functions of interrupts on the PC. It contains not just the calls for DOS, but
for DESQview and TOPview and many other operating environments.
"Undocumented DOS," Andrew Schulman, Raymond J Michels, Jim Kyle, Tim
Paterson, David Maxey, Ralf Brown, 1990, Addison-Wesley. 694 pages. Price:

A wealth of information on the undocumented features of DOS.


"XView Programming Manual," Dan Heller, etal., O'Reilly & Assoc. 586 pages.
Price: $34.95


"X Window System Programming," Naba Barkakati, 1991, Howard W. Sams & Co. 600
pages. Price: $29.95

Good introduction to X programming, with many helpful example programs. Covers
xlib, xt Intrinsics, and some discussion of OSF/Motif widgets is provided.


"Introduction to the X Window System," O. Jones, 1989, P-H. Price: $38.00


"The X Window System in a Nutshell", 1990, O'Reilly & Assoc. Price: $24.95


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