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ID:AU SuperSpool, FastDrive with QEXT.SYS
Quarterdeck Technical Note #118 Filename: ASTUTIL.TEC
by Stan Young CompuServe: ASTUTL.TEC
Last revised: 2/12/92 Category: SW3

Subject: How to run AST's SuperSpool, Fastdisk and SuperDrive, which may
require a special setup with QEXT due to their tendency to overwrite
the High Memory Area.


AST's SuperSpool and FastDrive utilities can be run with Quarterdeck's
QEXT.SYS driver, but require some special setup parameters since the default
for these utilities is to load at the 1 megabyte address, which is where
QEXT.SYS must load.

To have it work properly, you must have QEXT.SYS invoked in your CONFIG.SYS
file before loading FASTDRIVE. Naturally, consult the DESQview manual
(Appendix B) concerning setting up some real extended memory in which QEXT.SYS
will be loaded. The AST utilities can be loaded either in the remaining real
extended memory or in "emulated" extended memory created by AST's REX.SYS
driver. QEXT.SYS, as noted in the manual, can only use REAL extended memory.

As noted, the AST utilities default to load themselves at a 1 megabyte address
and therefore, if allowed to load with the defaults, will overwrite QEXT.SYS
and disable both QEXT and themselves. In order to have them load above QEXT,
it is necessary to tell them with a command line parameter where to load. If
you have difficulty with this, please consult the AST SuperPak software
manual, but the basic method for telling the AST software where to load is as

Generally, under the default to load the utility in extended memory, you put
"/EXTM" as a parameter on the command line. As noted, this will load it at 1
meg. If you want to be sure they don't load on top of QEXT, you must enter
the parameter as "/EXTM=0,1088." This tells the utility to load at a 1088K
address. Since 1 megabyte is 1024K, setting the starting address to 1088
leaves the 64K that QEXT.SYS uses free.

If you use both FASTDISK and SUPERSPL, you can use the "/EXTM=0,1088"
parameter for both of them. This would appear to be a conflict; however,
while these utilities do not detect QEXT or other VDISK-like utilities, they
do detect each other and will not overwrite each other.

Note: The above setup information also applies to the AST's SuperDrive

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