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ID:BB Technical Support via QOS BBS
Quarterdeck Technical Note #105
By Joe Wilder

BBS phone: 213-396-3904

BBS operators: Vern Balbert, Joe Wilder

Communications setup to be used:

8 Bit Word Length, No Parity, 1 Stop Bit

Calling in the first time will allow you to

1. Read Quarterdeck News and Bulletins
2. Read messages left for public viewing by the Sysop and
Registered users.
3. Register to use the BBS for greater access to other BBS

After registering you will be able to

1. Join the Technical and API (Application Program Interface)
2. Leave messages for all other BBS users, a specific user, or the
3. Gain access to the Technote, Desqview specific, API and other

Many files have been reduced in size with PKZIP. These files have
an extension of .ZIP. To expand the files, use PKUNZIP with a
space and then the name of the file you want to Unzip. If you
don't have PKUNZIP, it's also on the BBS available for download.
PKZIP and PKUNZIP are public domain programs developed and
Copyrighted by PKWARE, Inc. of Glendale, Wisconson.

The Quarterdeck BBS has two nodes on rotary lines - Hayes 9600 V
series modems.

HST modems will have to use MNP error correction at 9600 baud. They
will only connect to our Hayes modems at 2400 baud because the
Hayes Modems only support half duplex V.32 communications.

Copyright (C) 1991 by Quarterdeck Office Systems
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