Category : Alternate Operating Systems - Quarterdeck DesqView, CP/M, etc
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Files in this directory:

Choices - COFF file containing the Choices kernel.
Chocs - Choices command shell.
config - Configuration file for Choices kernel.
loadcoff.exe - Loads a COFF file into extended memory and executes it.
pcc.bat - Calls loadcoff to boot Choices.
profile - Startup commands executed by Chocs.
Files in this directory:

All files in this directory are Choices applications.

banner - Display a running banner on top of the screen. Should be run in
the background.
cd - Change current directory. Without arguments, it prints the
name of the current directory.
count - Display digits 9 to 0 in large print.
demo - "demo filename" executes all commands in filename in a loop.
Press q to quit or Space to pause.
dos - Start a DOS shell as a PC-Choices process.
flash - Flash the screen 5 times.
hello - Prints a message. Can be used with an argument.
kindred - "kindred X" shows all living objects in the kernel that belong to
class X and its subclasses.
logo - Displays the PC-Choices logo.
ls - List the contents of the current directory.
monitor - Toggle the kernel visualization monitor. Accepts no arguments
or "on" or "off".
sleep - "sleep N" waits for N seconds.
worms - Draw a worm on the screen.