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ONLY1.SHP is a shared program which can be used with version 2.26
of DESQview or above. It sets up a DESQview mailbox and will
prevent the opening of the same program or another program which
is running ONLY1.SHP with the same mailbox name.

The reason you might want to use ONLY1.SHP is that you may have a
program that has problems when more than one copy is run
concurrently. Or, you have two or more programs which would
conflict with each other over the use of a file or hardware
device if run concurrently.

For instance you might be running a database that does not have
any multi-user facilites to lock a record or field, which may get
confused if two copies of the program are opened. In another
instance, you might have two different programs that use
the same serial port. By using ONLY1.SHP, you can prevent a
program from opening and taking the port away from another
program that is using it.

In order to use ONLY1.SHP, you put the ONLY1.SHP driver in
the DESQview directory and specify the program in the shared
program field in Change a Program. The name of the mailbox you want
specify is put in the Data field. An example would be as follows:
Shared Program
Pathname..: only1.shp
Data......: DataBase

If you were to configure your DataBase program as shown above, the first
copy would open normally, but if you tried to open a second copy with the
first still open, you would get an error message as follows:
| |
| Only 1 copy of this program |
| can be run at a time ... |
| (DataBase) |

At this point, you have to hit ESC and the window will be aborted.

Copyright (C) 1990 by Quarterdeck Office Systems
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Archive   : ONLY1.ZIP
Filename : ONLY1.DOC

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