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Demo copy of HP's New Wave for Windows. Does not require Windows to operate.
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Demo copy of HP’s New Wave for Windows. Does not require Windows to operate.
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Contents of the HPDATA.TXT file

H P N e w W a v e 3 . 0 D A T A S H E E T
for Windows


HP NewWave is a graphical software environment which integrates your PC
applications and automates your work. HP NewWave builds on industry-
standard MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows 3.0 (all modes).

HP NewWave's open architecture makes it possible to combine off-the-shelf
applications to build fully integrated networked solutions.


Easy to learn and easy to use

A consistent and predictable 3-D graphical user interface, computer-based
training, and on-line help make HP NewWave truly easy to learn and use.


With its object management technology, HP NewWave allows users to link and
combine information such as text, numerical data, and graphics from
multiple applications.

Task automation

With the HP NewWave Agent, HP NewWave can automatically record your work
across applications and perform tasks at any time and date. The NewWave
Agent can even prompt you for information along the way.

Group productivity

HP NewWave includes Object Storage which lets you easily share information
across a network.


Instant integration

HP NewWave allows you to instantly integrate information from different
NewWave applications in a single step. For example, to include a graph in
a document you simply pick up the graph's icon and drop it into the open
document using a mouse.

Changing or updating information is just as easy. With HP NewWave,
changing a graph within a document is as simple as pointing to the graph
with a mouse. HP NewWave automatically loads the information for you to
update. When you are finished making changes, NewWave brings you right
back to your document.

HP NewWave's object approach allows you to integrate any data type,
including text, graphics, spreadsheets, voice, video, etc., to create
compound documents and multimedia presentations.

HP NewWave also allows you to hotlink information throughout your PC. For
example, the chart you included in your document can also be linked to
several other documents so that changes in one are automatically updated in
all the others.

HP NewWave Agent

The HP NewWave Agent allows you to automate the work you do across all your
software applications. The NewWave Agent can record your work as you
perform it. You can then schedule playback at any time and date you
specify. In addition, Agent tasks can be edited to include new steps,
change information, and even interact with you to prompt for information.

For example, an Agent task could ask you for the name of a database you
need, start a database application, download information from a remote
source into a spreadsheet, generate a graph of the data, combine the graph
with a document, ask you for a distribution list, and mail the document to
several coworkers.

Network object sharing

When you need to share information across a network, HP NewWave makes it
easy. HP NewWave includes Object Storage which provides iconic access to
network disks across a LAN. Giving another user access to a file is as
easy as moving the icon to the Object Storage folder with a mouse. Like a
library, Object Storage allows you to "check-out" and track files in use by
other NewWave users. HP NewWave supports Novell, HP OfficeShare, and HP
LAN Manager for storing and printing object. Though HP doesn't guarantee
NewWave support for other networks, NewWave was designed to work with
networks which view a server as an MS-DOS disk drive or use the MS-NET

Object Storage also works with floppy disks, so you can carry your work
with you or save important or confidential data on removable disks.


HP NewWave protects your investments in DOS and Windows software. You can
continue to use your favorite software without any modifications. Bridges
give you the ability to use an icon for every file you have automatically.
Now, all your files can be moved, mailed, opened, copied, and deleted--all
by using a mouse. You can also move information between applications

A Bridge Disk containing bridges for twenty of the top DOS and Windows
applications is provided, as well as a Bridge Builder tool for making your
own bridges for your favorite applications.


A complete, on-line help facility is available for all aspects of HP
NewWave and NewWave applications. In addition to the indexed list of help
topics, a context-sensitive, point-to-the-screen help model is available at
any time. The help messages are linked together so users can jump to
related topics instantly. You can also move the Help window while viewing
your work.

Computer-based training

HP NewWave included a complete set of interactive tutorial lessons to help
you get started quickly and easily. The lessons can be run at any time and
include helpful animation and examples. The first lesson is a complete
guided tour of HP NewWave.


The HP NewWave environment is a powerful foundation for improved
productivity, but application software is the key to bringing the HP
NewWave system together.

Just as Microsoft Windows requires applications to be useful, HP NewWave
works together with application software. Rather than taking a proprietary
approach, HP has responded to your needs by preserving the value of the
vast library of MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows applications with software

While Bridges protect your current investment, the full power of HP NewWave
is realized with applications written to take advantage of the environment.
Today, over 150 software companies are registered HP NewWave developers.
Applications in every category are available and being written for HP
NewWave, from high-end word processors to electronic mail, to full motion
video applications.

HP NewWave also includes HP NewWave Write, a mid-level word processor fully
integrated with the NewWave environment. NewWave Write includes features
like page preview, spell checking, autopagination, autosave, and ASCII,
DCA, and Executive Memomaker conversion.


The HP NewWave Technical Reference Set is designed for support personnel
and users creating complex Agent tasks which may require a more in-depth
understanding of the easy-to-use Agent programming language. The set
contains a Support Guide, which addresses customization, maintenance and
error messages, a diagnostics/utilities disk, and Agent reference manuals.


PC HP, IBM, or Compaq 80286 or 80386-based PC or 100%

Memory 80286 standard, 80386 enhanced mode: 640Kb base, 2Mb
extended memory. 80286, 80386 real mode: 640Kb base (256Kb
base + 384Kb backfill), 3Mb expanded memory (EMS 4.0)

Floppy disk 1.2Mb 5.25-inch disk drive, or 720Kb 3.5-inch disk drive.

Hard disk 40Mb hard disk recommended

Display Microsoft Windows-supported display (EGA or VGA monitor and

System MS-DOS 3.2 or higher, MS Windows 3.0

Input Microsoft Windows-supported mouse, keyboard

Output Optional: Microsoft Windows-supported printers, plotters,


Product Product Number
------------------------------------------ ------------------------------
HP NewWave 3.0 D1704B opt. ABA (U.S. English)
- 3.5-inch, opt. AA8
- 5.25-inch, opt. AA9
HP NewWave 3.0 single-user license D1706B opt. ABA (U.S. English)
HP NewWave 3.0 Technical Reference Set 3.0 D1730B opt. ABA (U.S. English)
HP NewWave 3.0 Software Developer Kit D1714B
HP NewWave 3.0 Assist Service D1726A
HP NewWave 3.0 Premier Assist Service D1729A

For more information on HP NewWave or the dealer nearest you, call 1-800-
752-0900. Or contact one of the HP regional offices below:

United States
(800) 752-0900

(416) 678-9430

(03) 5371-1351

Latin America
(525) 202-0155

Australia/New Zealand
(03) 895-2895

Far East
(852) 848-7777

Austria, East Central Europe, USSR, and Yugoslavia
(0222) 2500-0

Belgium and Luxembourg
(02) 761-34-00

(42) 81-66-40

(0) 88-72-2480

(1) 46-92-16-36

(06172) 16-16-99

(01) 68-28-811

(01) 88-33-99

(02) 75-76-458

(020) 547-6666

(02) 87-99-99


(08) 750-21-00

(046) 05-15-05

South Africa
(011) 802-5111


(0344) 369-369

Middle East and Africa:
Geneva, Switzerland

Microsoft, MS-DOS, and Windows are U.S. registered trademarks of Microsoft

Technical information in this document subject to change without notice.

(c) Copyright Hewlett-Packard Company 1990

All Rights Reserved. Reproduction, adaptation, or translation without
prior written permission is prohibited except as allowed under the
copyright laws.

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