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DOS Multitasking system that is shareware. Demo.
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DOS Multitasking system that is shareware. Demo.
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Contents of the README file

* MultiDos Plus Rel. 4.01 Shareware Version *
* Copyright (c) 1986 - 1991 Nanosoft Inc. *

Welcome to MultiDos Plus, a powerful real-time multitasking shell
for DOS. MultiDos Plus is a copyrighted work of Nanosoft Inc
and is NOT public domain.

If you like this product, register with us for $35, and we will
send you the commercial version of MultiDos Plus ($99 value)
with printed documentation.

You may freely copy and distribute this product as long as you
abide by the following conditions:

a) You may not charge any fee for making copies or sell this product.
b) You may not distribute this as part of any product or
service for which you charge a fee.
c) You must copy the product in its entirety with no changes.

If you would like to do any of the above, you must have our permission
in writing. Contact us for site licensing and royalty arrangements.


This product is distributed with absolutely no warranty of
any kind.

* How to Register *

Send a check for $35 to:

Nanosoft Inc.
13 Westfield Road
Natick, MA 01760
Attn: Shareware Dept.

To register using Mastercard or Visa call (508) 651-0091.

To register by FAX send name, address, and charge card information
(be sure to include expiration date) and telephone numbers
to (508) 655-8860.

* Differences between the commercial and shareware versions *

The commercial version which you will receive when you
register has the following additional features:

a) It supports 64 tasks instead of the 3 tasks supported
by this version.

b) The commercial version supports programs running in
LIM 4.0 expanded memory. This version supports progams
running in conventional memory only.

The documentation accompanying this product is for the
commercial version. Therefore, disregard all references
to expanded memory and related commands.

* To install MultiDos Plus: *

Print the file MDSHARE.PRN and read it before using
Multidos Plus.

For a quick start type MULTIDOS to start the
program. When it is up, type a ? for a brief
list of commands.

The following is a list of new features or information
not found in the manual. Read the manual first before
reading the following sections.

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