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MEMO.EXE Version 1.0
Oct. 1991

For the OZ-8000 series

This utility takes the data in the Memo application of the
Wizard and creates a DOS text file with the contents.

This utility allows quick transfer of data from the Wizard without
having to load Organizer link.


memo file.ext

file.ext is the name of the text file that you want to create
with the contents of the Memo application from the Wizard. You
can include a path if you desire or a drive specifier.

For example:

memo sep1.doc
memo a:test.doc
memo c:\user\docs\1.txt

No test is performed if the file is a valid file name, or if
there is enough room on the disk.

You can then edit the file or load it into your Wordprocessor !!

Note special characters (Symbols) are ignored.

Please try this program, i am working on some other utilities.
If you have any ideas or comments or requests, please write to
me at the following address. If there is demand, i will create
a version that creates a separate text file for each record in
the Memo application of the Wizard.

This program requires the wizard to be connected to com1:.
(that can be changed in the next version or user configured)

Note: Use this program at your own risk, i am not responsible
for any loss or damage due to the use of this program.

robert lerner
20 revere court
suite 2405
suffern ny 10901

Only will work with the OZ-8000 series, not tested with the
OZ-8200, but should work.

Thanks to
Tom Hanlin Pbclone lib
Jeff Sumberg Qbserial lib

Any comments would be very helpful.

Please fill out memo.frm if you use this program and mail
back to me.


Product List, Current 10/1/1991

Memo Version 1.0
Wiz_stat Version 1.0