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Patch program for DESQVIEW, fixes the DOS Exec command to stop crashes.
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Patch program for DESQVIEW, fixes the DOS Exec command to stop crashes.
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Contents of the LDFILTER.DOC file



LDFILTER.COM is provided to correct some possible problems in
the handling of programs that use the EXEC function. This is the
function that may be called by a program to run a sub-program and
then exit back to the main program. A well known example of a
program that uses the EXEC function (but does not require
LDFILTER) is the Lotus program ACCESS.COM which provides a menu
for 123.EXE and its utility programs. Versions of DESQview
released after version 1.30 will probably incorporate the
functions of LDFILTER internally and therefore make its use

Identifying a possible need for LDFILTER:

The typical scenario is like this: You are running a program
that has several executable modules (sometimes identified by the
presence of many EXE or COM files in the program directory).
The program loads a main module and provides a menu from which
you can elect to run the other modules. The program runs fine
when on the main menu and you can select one of the modules and
while in that module, the program runs fine. However, when you
exit back to the main menu, the program hangs or seems crippled.
After first determining that the program is operating with
sufficient memory, try using LDFILTER.

Installing LDFILTER:

LDFILTER should be loaded from a batchfile in the DESQview
window, before running the target program. After creating the
batchfile, run Change a Program, select your application and make
the "Command to Start Program" the name of the batchfile and turn
off the Option "Close on Exit to DOS".

Example of Batchfile:

LDFILTER <- Loads in the filter.
progname <- Place command to start your program here.
EXIT <- This will close the window.

Programs that may require LDFILTER:

Programs compiled with Microsoft QuickBASIC version 2.0 or
Microsoft C versions 3.0 and 4.0 may require the use of LDFILTER
if they use the EXEC function.

Specific commercial programs identified:

PC HOST 2.79 RMS Software.
Jet Works Keep it Simple Software
CardBox+ Business Simulations, Ltd.uerg's BBS 994-2944-57071200N81NWally Worlds BBS (312)

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