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DESQview utility that displays open files. The display includes filename, size, date, handle, etc. It is really a nice little utility.
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DESQview utility that displays open files. The display includes filename, size, date, handle, etc. It is really a nice little utility.
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Contents of the FILES.DOC file

This started out as a quick & dirty program for my own use. After
playing with it a little and with some prodding (ouch :-)) by Don
Dawson of 1:141/730, we thought it was too fun not to pass along.

This program is based on a Byte Magazine Article (March 1991)
_Undocumented_DOS_ by Andrew Schulman, the article was adapted from
the book of the same name, by Andrew Schulman, Raymond J. Michels,
Jim Kyle, Tim Paterson, David Maxey, and Ralf Brown.

Written using DVGLUE by Ralf Brown.

Files.exe - Displays a table of currently open files . It will loop
continuously until the ESC is key pressed. It will only run under
Desqview and DOS 3.1 or higher (I've only tested it with DV 2.31 and
MS-DOS 3.3).

Fields displayed:
y/nsleep mode on (y) or off (n)
Filename Extname/ext of file
Sizecurrent file size
Offsetcurrent offset into file
Attrfiles' attribute
Modeopen mode
Datefiles' date
Timefiles' time
Hndnumber of file handles referring to this file (?)
PSPFile owners PSP

Active Keys:
PgUp/PgDnMoves between display screens (if more than one)
Homeclear and redraw screen
F2Toggle open/all mode
F3Toggle regular/open mode display
F4Toggle sleep/nosleep mode

Pressing the space bar or F2 will toggle open/all modes. The initial
mode shows only open files. The all mode will dump the whole file
table, files that are not open will show a 0 in the 'handles' column.
Pressing F3 will provide more detail about the files open and sharing
modes and file attributes.

Pressing F4 toggles sleep mode on and off. While on the program will
give up one second of time after each screen refresh, this is the
default. This gives back a lot of time to the system and will allow
Files to use very little overhead. While sleep mode is on a '+' will
be displayed in the upper left hand corner of the screen. When sleep
mode is toggled off the screen redraw will be more frequent, at the
expense of hogging more system time. The '+' will change to a '-'
when sleep mode is toggled off.

Files attempts to be smart about the screen length and displays only
as many files as will fit on the screen. If you resize the window it
will try to adjust to the new window height. Pressing the Home key
will allow you to reset the display manually if it becomes confused.

Questions/Comments/Bug Reports may be sent to Bill Bond
1:325/[email protected]

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