Dec 092017
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File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DVCLK.TXT 1434 563 deflated
DVCLK14.COM 1461 1003 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated

Download File DV_CLK.ZIP Here

Contents of the DVCLK.TXT file

DVCLK displays a clock ON the top line of a window, take a dv
window which is set to NOT write to the screen directly (the top tree Y/N
questions in setup set to N), open that window, zoom it so the window
lines become visible, then load and be amazed....


HL1:C:\ Saesoft 128k Shell 11:38 [H=Help]
Cmd: sdump

Saesoft (R) Screen Dump Utility (TSR Pscr key) - Version 1.0
Copyright (C) Saesoft International 1983 - 1990. All rights reserved.

Ascii+Binary Screen Dump, Press PRINT SCREEN Key

HL1:C:\ Saesoft 128k Shell 11:39 [H=Help]

(spot the dvclk14 clock) YouSee it ?

Edwin Cleton,
Phone: +31-10-4795892
Box: 9179, 3007ad
Rotterdam, Holland.

Research Department, Saesoft International Holland 😉

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