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DV Tree External Device Interface (DVTXDI.COM) Version 1.
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DV Tree External Device Interface (DVTXDI.COM) Version 1.
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Contents of the DVTXDI.DOC file

DV Tree External Device Interface (DVTXDI.COM) Version 1

*************** Important! Important! Important! *****************
You must be running DESQview version 2.26 or higher for DVTXDI.COM to be
of value! (Meaning, in 2.25, it won't do anything).

*************** Important! Important! Important! *****************
You must also be running DOS version 3.1 or higher. The reason for this,
and a possible cure, is contained in a Quarterdeck
Technical note obtainable from Quarterdeck Office
Systems. The note may also be found as Quarterdeck
White Paper TERMXDI.PAT.

DVTXDI is a TSR (terminate-and-stay-resident) program that
keeps track of DESQview processes through an interface method provided
by DESQview itself. It should be loaded prior to DESQview, preferably
in high memory using QEMM, QRAM, CTMAP, or some other high loading
program that does its work in AUTOEXEC.BAT. Once loaded, DESQview may
then be started.
The following programs by the same author utilize the services
provided by DVTXDI:

DV Tree 1.7 (and above)
DV Task Manager 1.1 (and above)

Only one copy of DVTXDI should be loaded to support the above
programs. If multiple copies of DVTXDI.COM are available on distribution
disks from the same author, the one with the most recent file date
(if different) should be used.
For program-specific information, see the section(s) below.

Relevance to DV Tree:

Under normal operations, DV Tree can only be aware of other tasks
in DESQview that it initiated itself. With DVTXDI loaded, DV Tree becomes
able to know whether a LOTUS 1-2-3 window, for instance, was started
independently from the DESQview Open Menu. This information is useful at
one major point - when the program is asked to start LOTUS 1-2-3 via a
DESQview Function key. Normally, DV Tree would be unaware of the other
copy and start a new one, possibly causing the first to swap out of the
system. With DVTXDI loaded, DV Tree will be aware of the old copy's
existence just as if it had started it itself.

Relevance to DV Task Manager:

DVTXDI is essential to DV Task Manager's operation and therefore
must be installed. DV Task Manager will display an error message and
terminate if DVTXDI is not detected in the system at startup.

Batch file access:

A small utility program, TAPXDI.COM is provided to allow
the setting of an ERRORLEVEL in a batch file based on whether or not an
application associated with a particular set of DESQview Open Keys is
currently active. For syntax, run TAPXDI with no operands. An example
of how TAPXDI may be used is available in the TAPX.BAT example file.

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