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DesqView Task Manager version 1.3. Excellent program.
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DesqView Task Manager version 1.3. Excellent program.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Thank you for looking at DV Task Manager. As I anticipate a very limited
user base for this program, I hope all who do use it will report bugs
discovered and send me comments even if they don't wish to register.
This unregistered copy allows the scheduling of 4 events; the registered
version allows 20 and possibly more if enough registered users demand it.
I chose to limit this program in this way on the idea that most operators
of simple non-commercial bulletin boards will find 4 events quite
sufficient for scheduling system maintenance beyond the capabilities of
their BBS software, and users who want more events are probably running
a more 'serious' system and shouldn't find the registration cost of $35

To my knowledge, DV Task Manager is the first program of its kind to
be made available in the DESQview multi-tasking world. Creative use of it
could allow a business user to obtain mainframe-style, on demand processing
power from his desktop 386 (or even a souped-up XT!).

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