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by Gary Chanson
(C) 1993

SPAWN is Copyright 1993 by Gary Chanson and Starquest
Systems. No restrictions are placed on the non-commercial
use of this program. This program and its documentation
may be copied and re-distributed provided that they are
not changed and no fee is charged for them. An exception
is granted to not-for-profit user's groups, which are
authorized to charge a nominal fee for materials and
handling. Starquest Systems and Gary Chanson assume no
liability for damages caused by the use of this program.


SPAWN is a DESQview (tm) specific utility which executes
DESQview tasks from a command line. DESQview tasks are
defined in Program Information Files which normally have
".DVP" as their extension. SPAWN loads the DVP file into
memory and can optionally modify it before passing it to
DESQview for execution. Once the modified DVP data structure
has been passed to DESQview, SPAWN terminates and returns
control to the batch file or command processor which called
it. The spawned program continues to run as a new task under
DESQviews multitasking.


SPAWN filename[.DVP] [options] [-Ccmnd] [tail...]

(parameters in brackets are not required)

The only required parameter is the name of a Program
Information File. The default extension is `.DVP'. Options
must be preceded by either `/' or `-' and may be in any order
with the exception of the -C option. All options following -C
are assumed to be part of the command tale and to be options
for the spawned program. If there is no -C switch, the first
blank delimited string after the DVP filename which is not an
option is assumed to be the start of the command tale. Any
options following it will also be passed to the spawned

Since several long strings may be required as part of the
SPAWN command line, a temporary file may be used to pass part
of the command tail. The DVP filename must be passed as part
of the command line. The command tail for the spawned program
may be passed as part of the command line or in a temporary
file, but may not be split between both. Options may be
passed in both the command line and a temporary file provided
that the -C option is not passed on the command line. The
temporary filename must be the last parameter on the command
line and be prefaced by `@'.

SPAWN recognizes three pseudo-drives for all filename
inputs. SPAWN will substitute the apropriate string for each
pseudo-drive and use it in modifying the DVP data structure.
Pseudo-drives can also be used in specifying the DVP file.

@: current default directory.
$: directory specified by %TEMP environment variable.
*: directory SPAWN.EXE was found in.


Assign the specified name to the default mailbox of the
task. Note that since the function to assign a name to
the mailbox must follow the command to spawn a task, if
the task SPAWN is run in doesn't run in the background,
and the new task is started in the foreground, the name
will not be assigned until the operator switches back to
this task.

Start task in background.

Command to be executed. Use ~ to separate multiple

set virtual Display size.

maximum Expanded memory in KB.

Run task hidden. This task cannot be made visable.

Open menu (and script) key. This two character code is
used to find any linked script files.

protection Level (0-3).

Required memory in kilobytes. If this amount of memory is
not available, DESQview will display an error message and
refuse to spawn the task.

Use own colors.

Startup path.

Quiet mode

Requested maximum memory in kilobytes. DESQview will
allocate as much memory to this task as it can up to this


Window title. Spaces may be embedded in the title string
by replacing them with `\S'.

Uses serial ports.

set display Virtualization.

Window starting size and position.

Close on exit.



Please forward all comments and bug reports to:

Gary Chanson

31 Chester Avenue
Waltham, MA 02154

Voice: 617-899-4771
Data/Fax: 617-899-6672

Email: [email protected]

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