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The DESQview Toolkit

Version 1.1

by Gary Chanson
(C) 1993

The DESQview Toolkit is Copyright 1993 by Gary Chanson
and Starquest Systems. No restrictions are placed on
the non-commercial use of this set of programs. These
programs and their documentation may be copied and
re-distributed provided that they are not changed and
no fee is charged for them. An exception is granted
to not-for-profit user's groups, which are authorized
to charge a nominal fee for materials and handling.
Starquest Systems and Gary Chanson assume no liability
for damages caused by the use of these programs.

DVToolKIT is a set of DESQview (tm) specific utilities which
give command line access to many of the functions available thru
the DESQview API. The set includes:

APPNUM Returns the window number of the current task.
DESQ Pops up the DV main menu and sends a string to it.
DVM Sends commands thru the DV window manager.
FRAME Turns window frames on or off.
JUSTIFY Turns cursor justification on or off.
KILL Terminates the specified task.
MAILBOX Creates, frees and assigns names to mailboxes.
MESSAGES Returns the pending message count of a mailbox.
READMAIL Reads a message from a mailbox.
SENDKBD Sends a string to the keyboard of a task.
SENDMAIL Sends a string to the mailbox of a task.
SHOWPIF Displays the settings in a .DVP file.
SOUND Generates tones from the PC's speaker.
SPAWN Executes DESQview tasks from the command line.
STATUS Returns the status of the last mailbox read.
TIMEIT Uses DV timer objects to time intervals.
TITLE Assigns a title to a window.
WHOIS Returns the handle of a task.
WINDOW Sets the size and position of a window.
ZOOM Zooms the foreground window.

Each of these programs responds to the -? option switch with a
brief help screen.


Special thanks to Ralf Brown and his Interrupt List
which helped make this set of utilities possible.


Please forward all comments and bug reports to:

Gary Chanson

31 Chester Avenue
Waltham, MA 02154

Voice: 617-899-4771
Data/Fax: 617-899-6672

Email: [email protected]

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Archive   : DVTKIT11.ZIP
Filename : DVTKIT.DOC

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