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DVManager 1.1

by Gary Chanson
(C) 1993

DVM is Copyright 1993 by Gary Chanson and Starquest
Systems. No restrictions are placed on the non-commercial
use of this program. This program and its documentation
may be copied and re-distributed provided that they are
not changed and no fee is charged for them. An exception
is granted to not-for-profit user's groups, which are
authorized to charge a nominal fee for materials and
handling. Starquest Systems and Gary Chanson assume no
liability for damages caused by the use of this program.


DVManager is a DESQview (tm) specific utility which translates a
series of window commands into a DESQview window manager stream
and sends it to the default window of the specified task. If no
task is specified, the stream will be sent to the default window
of the current task.


DVM [options] command command(parameters) ...


-Tname name of destination Task
-Q Quiet mode


ALLOW (list)

suspend task and hides its window

force task to background

cancel operation, remove DV menu, go to topmost process

COLOR (n1)
set current color

CURSOR (x,y)
set cursor position. Upper left corner of window is 0,0


DOWN (x,y,wide,long)
scroll down the region from x,y to wide,long

ECHO (string)
display string

EXTEND (yes/no)
allow window frame to extend beyond screen

force task to foreground

FRAME (on/off)
enable/disable frame around window

hide window

LEFT (x,y,wide,long)
scroll left the region from x,y to wide,long

set maximum size of physical window

set minimum size of physical window

orphan window

orphan window and give to system as paste data

RIGHT (x,y,wide,long)
scroll right the region from x,y to wide,long

RUNS (yes/no)
enables/disables running in the background

TITLE (name)
set window title. This string is displayed in the window
frame and on the "switch" menu.

make window top in system

unhide window

UP (x,y,wide,long)
scroll up the region from x,y to wide,long

set position of viewport within window

set size of virtual screen

WINDOW (x,y,wide,long)
set size and position of physical window

make window bottom in process

hide all window of process

make window top in process

unhide all window of process


CLOSE close window
HIDE hide window
MAIN DV main menu
OPEN open window menu
QUIT quit DV
SCISSORS scissors menu
SUSPEND suspend task
SWITCH switch windows menu


Please forward all comments and bug reports to:

Gary Chanson

31 Chester Avenue
Waltham, MA 02154

Voice: 617-899-4771
Data/Fax: 617-899-6672

Email: [email protected]

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Archive   : DVTKIT11.ZIP
Filename : DVM.DOC

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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