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Freeware program to run DeskView from a remote system.
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Freeware program to run DeskView from a remote system.
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Saesoft International, Netherlands Message Center S0073Y
Post Office Box: 9179, Telex: Saesoft, 20010 PMS NL
3007 AD Rotterdam Holland. Telefax: Saesoft, +31 (10)4113888
Phone: +31 (10)4795892 PostBank PSTB NL 2A 5506405


DESQview is a registered trademark of Quarterdeck Office Systems
Doorway is a registered trademark of Marshall Dudley


Use of this program acknowledges thisdisclaimer of warranty:
"This program is supplied as is. Saesoft disclaims all warran-
ties, express or implied, including, without limitation, the
warranties of merchantability and of fitness of this program for
any purpose. Saesoft assumes no liability for damages direct or
consequential, which may result from the use of or inability to
use this program. Even if Saesoft has been advised of the possi-
bility of such damages or any claim by any other party."

"Mate(s) it simply makes sense, make a backup..."

Saesoft (R) DESQview Remote Access Control - Version 1.07b
Copyright (C) Saesoft International 1983, 1991. All rights reserved.

DRStat: PollMode On/Off.

Press: 'CTRL + Enter' for DVMenu access.
'ALT + -' for LearnMenu access.
'ALT + [' to Close a window !
And : 'CTRL + BackSpaceKey' to exit.

DvRemote, theultimate way of controlling a remotecomputer
running DESQview and remote multitasking at the same time !

1) Installation;
Log on to the remote computer, start Doorway, for example with
the next line: "Doorway COM1 /X: /K:0 /M:32767 /O:T /V:D /C:DOS"
and do NOT use the "/U:" switch with Doorway, start DvRemote
and take the next 30 minutes to get used to the idea...

Then press CTRL+Enter and you will find yourself on the DV menu,
that is... the DV menuon the remote end ! Don't get confused
now... 🙂

2) DESQview Remote Window Setup;
The window in which you run a bbs or whateverthat answers the
modem, must be set with the next parameters;

Writes text directly to screen.......: [N]
Displays graphics information........: [N]
Virtualize text/graphics (Y,N,T).....: [N]

{Press F1 for advanced options}

Runs in background (Y,N,blank)...: [Y]

Other settingswill result that Doorway will NOT show you the
realtime screen, but the Virtualized one instead...

3) Using DvRemote;
Defining startup keys or key combinations, the default keys are;
DvRemote 0E7F 240A 8200 1A00, which are;
Exit Menu Learn Close
Use WHATKEY.COM to determine what values to put here, note that
you HAVE TO ENTER ALL 4 KEY VALUES, weather you have changed
them or not, simply replace the one you have redefined...

Note about, this one will use the enhanced keyboard
if there is one, so don't use values that don't work on a remote

Or simply maskout the close command of DvRemote at startup like;

DvRemote 0E7F 240A 8200 FFFF /
Exit Menu Learn Close Pollmode

The idea that you're actually running dv on a remote, believe me
it's a weird experience...

DvRemote has enhanced keyboard detection bild-in, if you have
one it will use it.

After startingDvRemote, the best thing to do is, to hide the
remote window before doing anything else, so that whatever you
do, you will always get back to the DV menu after an exit.

To getout ofDvRemote, close ALL the windows on the remote
computer (unless you want it to keep running) and return to the
window from which you started DvRemote and press CTRL+BackSpace.

Also be aware that you are running remote (how hard that may be)
like using programs that are known to kludge your comport, other
configured communication programs, or processor hogs.

4) Weird things;
Doorway isn't the only program with Door capability, as long as
it is a program whichmaps the realtime display through the
modem, DvRemote will work as well.

If your running at 2400bd, be patient...

And DO NOT use a screen blanker at the remote end, those who
don't believe me please try it...

If you want to use 50 line mode, be sure that the doorway
program is capable ofsupporting it ! and before you can use
other windowsin 50 line mode, don't forget to switch the
dvremote window into 50 line mode first !

"Yes it's only a 1630 bytes .com file... who ever told you that
a program needs to be over 100k to be any good ?"

5) ?ware;
DvRemote is FreeWare, which means that you may use it in any
environment you like, but NOT for direct commercial purposes.

DvRemote is acommercial product of Saesoft International and
may NEVER be sold, changed, modified in any way known or unknown
NOT even with written permission from Saesoft, applying to the
executable(s), documentation and sub-related files or programs.

If you want, you may register your use of DvRemote, by transfer-
ring $10 USdollars to our account, or an international money

6) Diagram;

|=============| |============|
| Remote site |======<==>======| Local site |
|=============| |============|

Running DESQview, Running a communication program
a communication program switched into doormode. {Alt-=}
shelled out to Doorway,
and DvRemote. (may even be running DESQview...)

7) Problems;
I havenoticed some problemswhich happen with doorway and
dvremote, doorway is not passing on the correct scancodes, so
dvremote will never see the correct keystrokes to gain access to
DV, to solve this problem, start doorway on the remote computer
and run at the remote end, then press ^Enter to find
out what the value really is, do this with the other 3 DV access
keycombinations and use all 4of them when invokingdvremote

DvRemote 1111 2222 3333 4444 , only then willdvremote
'see' the correct scan/key codes it needs.

So get all 4 scan/keycodes with a session inside
doorway on the remote site and place them on the startup line
for dvremote.


Link to the remote computer,
start Doorway (or whatever you use)
Press Ctrl + Backspacekey(which is exit from dvremote)
write the value down
Press Ctrl + Enter(which is DVmenu access)
write the value down
Press Alt + -(which is DVlearn access)
write the value down
Press Alt + [(which is DVclose option)
write the value down

Then start DvRemote with these value in the above order.

At this moment I would recommend to use; (default now)
dvremote 0E7F 240A 8200 1A00
which only changes the dvclose command from ctrl+[ to alt+[.

8) History;
1.00 -> 1.02 - Key translation development.
1.03 - Found the way to get the menu's up from any window.
1.04 - Changed default keys to solve a translation problem with
doorway, added explanation (7) to doc file.
1.05 - Added a driver which keeps track of the cursor no matter
which window owns it, dvremote will test for it's presen-
ce and uses the driver cursor position info.
Techinfo, dvremdrv is hooked into interrupt 0x6D, which
is called by the rom-bios, it was the only way to get
back below desqview and store the cursor position when-
ever it is updated, I didn't want to hook into the multi-
plex link because it slows things down to much... and i10
isn't called anyway... But I have no idea if this works
for all systems, if it doesn't on yours, try to found out
what interrupt is called from your rom-bios and let me
1.06 - Added / option to commandline, when you type;
"DvRemote /" DvRemote will start in pollmode, which means
that this may improve the cursor position management in
general, without the / dvremotewill stay idle and waits
for a key to be pressed, so that the cursor management in
combination with dvremdrv will only activate after a key
has been pressed, using / anywhere on the commandline
will keep dvremote polling the keyboard and thus also
keep dvremote constantly check for cursor updates, note
that the / option may take a bit moreprocesstime then
Added statusline to indicate if the driver is found and
the pollmode (/) status.
Added cursor type change support, don't know if doorway
does anything with it, but it's in there...
1.07 - Finally... thanks to Microsoft Press for providing me
with the video controller access information, the driver
'dvremdrv' is no longer needed !
Note: If you want to use 50 line mode, be sure that the
doorway program is capable of supporting it ! and before
you can use other windows in 50 line mode, don't forget
to switch the dvremote window into 50 line mode first !
1.07b- Minor enhancements, interruptsare no longerdisabled
while reading data directly from the controller, DESQview
doesn't disable them while writing so why should DvRemote

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