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Extended memory driver update for DesqView.
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Extended memory driver update for DesqView.
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Contents of the QEXT.DOC file

DESQview 2.+ Technical Note

The QEXT.SYS driver is a driver that is used to map 60K of
DESQview into a 64K partition on machines that have REAL exTENDed
memory (AT style machines). It is specific to DESQview versions
2.0 and above. Installation procedures and restrictions on use
are well described in the DESQview manual (Appendix B - page 148)
and will not be covered here.

This documentation is provided to document two command line
parameters that can be used with the version of QEXT.SYS that is
currently on the DESQview Bulletin Board system that are not
supported by the version of QEXT.SYS currently shipping with
DESQview Version 2.01 and therefore not documented.

Please Note: For ALL IBM installations and the vast majority of
clones, these parameters are not needed and SHOULD NOT BE USED.

The parameter would be specified on the device driver line in the
CONFIG.SYS file as follows:


where {parm} is the parameter you want to specify. In the
unlikely event that you require both parameters, you would
specify both parameters on the same line.


/U8 - This parameter specifies that the computer has a
"non-standard" 8042 keyboard controller. If you find that
loading QEXT.SYS and then running DESQview disables your
keyboard, then the "/U8" switch should be specified.

/VD={num} - This parameter specifies the version of VDISK that
QEXT should identify itself as. The default is that
QEXT identifies itself as a VDISK that matches the
version of DOS that is being run. This works for all
IBM VDISKs and most clones, but some versions of MS-
DOS ship a version of VDISK with a version number
different from the version of DOS. Under the
default, the VDISK will load in and not recognizing
QEXT, overwrites it. If you have this problem, check
the version of VDISK that is reported when the VDISK
boots and specify it on the parameter line. As an
example, if your VDISK boots up and says:
"El Clono Computer VDISK version 1.1", try running
QEXT with the parameter "/VD=1.1". PLEASE NOTE:
this parameter has no effect if you are running
Microsoft RAMDISK instead of VDISK. RAMDISK and
QEXT.SYS are not compatible.

* * * E N D O F F I L E * * *

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