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DvpEdit change history:

--- 20 Oct 91: 1.0 released

Bugs fixed since 0.9Beta2:
-With Close on exit set to blank, DvpEdit caused programs
specified without a .com or .exe extension in a DVP
file to close their windows on exit.
-If invalid dynamically-dependent data was detected when
Control-ENTER was attempted in the main edit screen,
any fresh data that might have been in the current
field was being discarded.
-A blank Script buf field was not being disallowed until
Control-ENTER was attempted.

Features added since 0.9Beta2:
-Added more crossreferences to the help text.
-Added more clarifications to the manual and help text.
-Added better email-to-the-authors information to the manual.
-Added Emacs-style kill-line (Control-K) and undo (C-_)
keystrokes in all dialogues (Control-U and Control-R
still work too).
-Changed Control-Y kill-to-end-of-screen to Alt-Backspace:
since it appeared to be less useful than it was
hazardous, especially for users of WordStar-like
editors, it was moved to a key combination less likely
to be hit by accident or with an expectation of
something other than kill-to-end-of-screen happening.
-Added a ``Quit'' mouse button to the help window.

--- 8 Oct 91: 0.9Beta2 released

Bugs fixed since 0.9Beta:
-Incorrect handling of Script buffer size: the value was
offset by 66 bytes.
-The Program field was not permitted to be blank.
-ED-PIF.DVP and EP-PIF.DVP incorrectly had 1 in their
Max keypolls fields (not necessary, since DvpEdit
internally gives up the CPU when waiting for keyboard
input). This reduced DvpEdit's responsiveness, without
saving significant CPU time.
-ED-PIF.DVP and EP-PIF.DVP incorrectly had too small a
value in their Min mem fields, disabling the help system.
-Workaround (-m switch) installed for mouse problems
encountered by non-i386 users using 30-, 50-, or 60-
line mode on VGA.
-The -o menu was not allowing single keystrokes to select
items with single-character selection keys.
-Some field validation routines were corrupting field data
-An error in the handling of DVP files specified on the
command line sometimes led to attempts to open files
using names like FOO.DVP.DVP.
-searches of the PATH for DESQVIEW.DVO were not working.
-Date stamps of DVP backup files were being set to the current
time even if the original file was not changed.
-There were several small inaccuracies and unclear passages
in the documentation and online help.

Features added since 0.9Beta:
-Full update support for DESQVIEW.DVO, DESQview's Open
Window menu. The Open Window menu will now (after user
confirmation) be updated to reflect changes to the DVP
files in the DESQview system directory, including the
addition of new DVP files.
-MD-PIF.DVP added.
-Switch (-h) to control location of help file.
-Switch (-m) to provide alternate mouse handling mode.
-Fully configurable colours added via DVPE-CFG.EXE and
-Documentation updated and improved.

--- 21 Sep 91: 0.9Beta released.

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Archive   : DVPED10.ZIP
Filename : CHANGES.TXT

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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