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DesqView utility to reduce polling time, includes ASM source.
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DesqView utility to reduce polling time, includes ASM source.
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Contents of the DVKPOLL.DOC file

This is a shared program which reduces the amount of CPU time used by programs
which poll the keyboard when waiting for input. Simply add DVKPOLL.SHR to the
"Shared Program Pathname" entry on the "Change Program" advanced options
screen, and your other programs will speed up. You will probably also want to
make sure that INT 16 is in the range of interrupts indicated on the advanced
options screen, though the nature of shared programs may make this

How it works: The shared program installs a small TSR when the window is
opened, and deinstalls the TSR when the window is closed. This TSR intercepts
the polling call, and if no keystroke is available, gives up the rest of the
current timeslice to other programs.

DVKPOLL is hereby released to the public domain.

Ralf Brown

FIDO: 1:129/31
ARPA: [email protected]

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