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DESQview Frame 1.2
by Bryan Hanks
19 Jan 93


This program changes the frame of your DESQview or DESQview/386 windows to any
color you wish.


Usage: DVFR [-fcolor] [-bcolor] [-#number]

Where "-f" denotes the foreground & "-b" the background color.
"-#" specifies an absolute color number.

"color" can be:
black blue green cyan red magenta brown white grey yellow
(grey and yellow cannot be used in the background)

Options for foreground color: Symbol Function Example
------ ------------ -------
+ Bright +blue
* Blink *red
# Bright Blink #green

[Note that bright brown is yellow so "#brown" is an illegal choice]

Example: DVFR -f+blue -bred
This will change the frame to a bright blue line on a red background.

If you type "DVFR" with no parameters, it will display a help screen.


The parameter, "-#number", allows you to specify the color number directly. How
this translates to real colors is a mystery. If you specify this parameter,
then the other two are overridden. For example, "DVFR -fblue -#2" will change
the frame color to green (2) instead of blue.

If you specify one parameter and not the other (forground and not background or
vice-versa), then the one not specified goes to black. In other words, if you
do DVFR -fgreen, this will set the border to a green line with black background.


It will not change the border color on a window that has "Uses its own colors"
set to "N". It will not work under DESQview/X, Windoze or DosShell. It will
make you neither rich nor famous. It won't give you a full head of monotone
hair, either.


This program is public domain and may not be sold for any price, for any reason,
by any body (or anybody). No technical support will be provided. You must
promise to upload this program to any BBS where you need the download credits
to get NASTY.GIF or whatever.

If, when using this program, your hard drive crashes and you lose all of your
payroll reports, don't blame me. I don't write "goob" code. Blame your disk
compression program or that stupid SCSI drive interface. Most importantly,
blame yourself for not making backups!!!!!! This program is provided "as is".
Any cracks, leaks, spot blemishes, rips or tears are the soul responsibility
of the owner. Please tune up every 5 months or 50,000 miles, whichever comes

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Archive   : DVFR12.ZIP
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