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Start DESQview windowed task from a batch file and return an errorlevel.
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Start DESQview windowed task from a batch file and return an errorlevel.
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Contents of the DVEXEC.DOC file

DVEXEC.COM - Version 20-March-1989
Copyright (C) 1989 George A. Stanislav
All rights reserved

DVEXEC allows you load and run programs in another window from a batch file.
This is of great advantage especially to sysops of electronic bulletin board
systems who often need to run a program at a certain specific time unattended.
Under usual circumstances they use a batch file which runs the program while
their BBS is waiting idle.

With DVEXEC you can run such programs in another DESQview window and return
to BBS program while doing that. Of course, DVEXEC is not limited to operators
of BBS.

How does it work? Simply type DVEXEC followed by the name of the PIF control-
ling the program you want to run. Typically, your PIF will be in the C:\DV
directory. Its name will usually be two characters, followed by a dash, 'PIF',
dot and the 'DVP' extension.

For example, the DOS Services program will most likely be defined in
C:\DV\DS-PIF.DVP. To run it from a batch file, place the following line in
the batch file:


Please note that the command is case insensitive. You can use any combination
of lower and upper case.

When DVEXEC runs, it first shrinks its own memory to mere two kilobytes so as
not to take up too much of the system resourses.

Then it will check if DESQview is loaded. If not, it will post a message on
your screen and exit with errorlevel 1.

If it finds DESQview, it will open the PIF, read it and tell DESQview to open
a window defined in the PIF.

There are several possible problems DVEXEC can encounter, besides DESQview
not being loaded as mentioned above. The PIF may not be on the system or it
may be impossible to open or read the PIF. Last but not least, DESQview may
not be able to open another window, typically because non-swappable windows
are in the way.

In all the above cases, DVEXEC will post a message on the screen and will exit
with an errorlevel. The messages can be redirected to a file for later
examination, for example like this:


Note that you need a double >>, or else each time you run the program the
log will be overwritten.

If DVEXEC and DESQview are successful, DVEXEC will inform you and will print
the task handle on the screen. This message, of course, can be redirected as
all others. DVEXEC will then exit with errorlevel 0.

Here is a list of errorlevels which can be acted upon by your batch file:

- Success: 0
- DESQview not loaded: 1
- No PIF specified: 1
- PIF not found: 1
- Can't open PIF: 1
- Can't read PIF: 1
- DESQview cannot run PIF: 2

Simplified: Success = 0, non-DESQview related problem = 1, DESQview
related problem = 2.

Please note that batch files look for errorlevel equal to OR greater than
requested. Thus your batch file should check for errorlevel 2 first, 1 second,
then default to 0 (success).

One final note: Once DVEXEC loads a program, it has no more control over it.
It will not be able to close the window it has opened. For that reason, you
should either use it with programs you have configured to close their window
when done, or programs running from a batch file ending with the EXIT line,
or finally programs you do not want to close.

New in this version

If you PRECEDE the file name with a forward slash '/', DVEXEC will first
load the file as before, then it will ask DESQview to hide the process.
DESQview may or may not grant this request depending on the program itself
(programs may force themselves to be the top applications although most
do not).


dvexec / c:\dv\ds-pif.dvp

This will load DOS Services and hide them. The hidden process continues to
work in the background IF you have configured it to. The hidden process cannot
be made visible by double tapping on the DESQ key. However, it can be made
visible by using standard DESQview menu to switch windows (DESQ-S).

LICENSE: This program may be freely distributed as long as there is no charge
connected with the distribution. Companies that sell public domain and
shareware programs are expressly prohibited from distributing this program.
This program is NOT in public domain, the author retains all the rights to
this program, including the right to have the program taken out of public

LICENSE FEE: The cost of software development tools is high. I am sorry but
I can no longer give out all my programs for free as I have been doing for
several years now.

If you use this program, please send $20 (US currency) to:

George A. Stanislav
P.O. Box 129
Natrona Heights, PA 15065

working on this program, I will let registered users know how to receive a
newer version.

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