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DESQview Connection Timer, monitor your communication connect time.
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DESQview Connection Timer, monitor your communication connect time.
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Contents of the DVCTIMER.DOC file

This program is a small, Desqview-aware clock which is triggered into action
by a carrier detection of a modem on COM 1 or 2.
To start with, it's a good idea to start your communication program first,
allowing the ports time to settle before connecting with anything. Before
dialing, load the timer for the port your modem ( 1, 2 or both ). When
finished, a continuous clock is displayed at the bottom of the window.
When the modem connects, the start time is recorded and the elapsed timer
begins until the carrier is dropped for whatever reason. At this time, the
elapsed timer is stopped and the end time is recorded.
The process begins from the start when another connection is made.

To exit the program, you may either close the window from the DesqView menu
or press the ESC key from within the window. Finally, this program involves
direct screen writes, so don't resize the window larger than the PIF
already indicate or the program may crash.

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