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DV-Clock v2.00

DV-Clock is, as the name implies, a time of day clock for DESQview.
It won't run in DOS or Windows. DV-Clock uses DESQview timer functions
to keep itself idle most of the time. This leaves about 99.9 percent of
your CPU's time available for other processes.

DV-Clock disconnects itself from the DESQview 'Switch Windows' menu,
puts itself into the background, 'shrinks' itself into a tiny little
window in the bottom right corner of the screen, and then it even pops
up the DESQview main menu for you.

I wrote DV-Clock because I couldn't find a clock program that worked
properly under DESQview. Every last one of them wasted gobs of CPU time
in tight little loops, waiting for the CPU timer to tick over. DV-Clock
doesn't spend any time in loops; it tells DESQview that it wants the use
of the CPU only once a second. When DV-Clock does get use of the CPU, it
uses it for only a milli-second or two, then gives it back to DESQview.

I made heavy use of the book 'PC Interrupts', by Ralf Brown and Jim
Kyle while writing DV-Clock. Brown and Kyle have done a magnificent job
of documenting the 'undocumented'.

DV-Clock was assembled with Borland TASM.

This program is Freeware, feel free to use it and/or pass it around.

What's in the archive:

DVCLOCK.DOC You're reading it.
DVCLOCK.COM The clock program.
DT-PIF.DVP Pre-configured .DVP file.
ZT-PIF.DVP Same as DT-PIF.DTP, but uses the keys 'ZT', in case
you already have the 'DT' keys in use. Both assume
your DESQview directory is C:\DV.


Copy DVCLOCK.COM and your choice of DT- or ZT-PIF.DVP to your DESQview
directory. Use 'Add a Program' from the 'Open' menu to install, and
'Change Program' if your DESQview directory isn't C:\DV.

Autostart Script:

DVCLOCK can be loaded by an autostart script. The one thing to
remember when creating the script is that DVCLOCK always 'pops up'
the DESQview main menu after it starts, so your script should not
contain the {DESQ} key at the end of the keystrokes that invoke
DVCLOCK. The following is an example script for starting DVCLOCK
assuming the open keys are DT.

{Learn {255} "!startup"}

Program History:

09-20-92: Version 1.06 released.

10-29-92: Bug fix, slight change to documentation, version number
bumped to 2.00.

Bug: If DVCLOCK was started between midnight and 1 AM, there
were no leading zero's in the display. The leading zero's
would display correctly if DVCLOCK was started at any other
time of day.

The 'official' upload sites for DV-Clock, and anything else I might
come up with are:

Ground Zero BBS (310) 430-0079
Quarterdeck BBS (310) 314-3227

I can be contacted in the DESQview conferences of RimeNet, SmartNet
and WildNet, or in the 'MainBoard' message area on Ground Zero.

Dennis Mons

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Archive   : DVCLOCK2.ZIP
Filename : DVCLOCK.DOC

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