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Desqview Printer Control (DPC) provides a more convenient way to access the printer's functions from within DV.
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Desqview Printer Control (DPC) provides a more convenient way to access the printer’s functions from within DV.
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Contents of the DPC.DOC file

Desqview Printer Control v1.0
Copyright (c) 1987 by CFS Development

Functions : Desqview Printer Control (DPC) provides a
more convenient way to access the printer's functions in a
multitasking environment.

Requirements: Any true IBM compatible running any
version of either PC-DOS or MS-DOS and any of the following
multitasking "shells"; APX Core, Concurrent Dos, Desqview,
Double DOS, EZDosIt, Microsoft Windows, MultiLink, Taskview,
Topview, and others. DPC will only support IBM and Epson
compatible printers at this time.

DPC : DPC is a utility designed to run as a
task under any one of the mentioned "shells" making best use
of the processing time that is available. It will only use
the time "slices" that it needs to perform its tasks, any
remaining time "slices" will be donated back to the main
processing cycle.

Installation: Copy DPC.COM into your application
directory and define it as an application under your
multitasking "shell". The installation process will differ
from each multitasking "shell" that is used. The display
dimensions required by DPC are 48 characters by 19 lines
(48 X 19).

** Desqview Installation **

Copy DPC.COM into your application directory. Select
the Add Program option, the specific program requirements
are the following:

Required Memory 35K
Height 19
Width 48
Run in Foreground Only

Usage : The program will display a menu of
printer options with a corresponding number as a prefix. To
select an option, just type the number and press return. The
program will ignore all incorrect choices and will process
the correct entries right after the return key is pressed.
Examples: "15" for Printer Reset, "99" for End Program, etc.

*** Contributions ***
If you like this program, and find it of use to you,
then your contribution of $15 or a friendly comment in the
mail will be appreciated. This program is distributed as
Public Domain. The source code (written in Turbo Pascal) is
copyrighted and is available for $15. Your contribution of
$15 will be considered as a purchase of the source code,
thus you will receive a copy of the source code in return
for your contribution. Any bug reports, user comments,
and/or contributions should be mailed to this address:

CFS Development
c/o Chiu-fai Szeto
12 Seagrave Road
Cambridge, MA 02140-1618

Please make any checks payable to Chiu-fai Szeto.

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