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Faster and smaller ANSI TSR for use with DESQview.
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Faster and smaller ANSI TSR for use with DESQview.
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Contents of the ANSI.DOC file


(c) 1989 by David Nugent & Unique Computing Pty Ltd.

ANSI is a TSR adaption of the ANSI.COM which originally appeared in
PC-Magazine. And it really doesn't need docs .

This version has major advantages over the original, in that it is DESQview
aware. It will run in any DESQview window on a 386 machine without problems
(haven't tried it on anything else, so I can't guarantee that it will run in
BIOS write windows on 286 or 88 based machines, though I would not
anticipate problems).

ANSI.COM has a number of advantages for DESQview users - it ocupies less
memory than DVANSI (1744 bytes as opposed to 2596 for DVANSI). It is also a
great deal faster than DVANSI.

One final item that may be of use to all users is that it does not allow for
keyboard redifinition, so there need be no fear of dangers lurking in ANSI
escape sequences in .ZIP file comments.

To load, simply enter "ANSI". Should you need to reclaim the memory that it
ocupies, "ANSI /U" will unload it.

Any shortcomings in the docs can be blamed on me (Paul Marwick, 3:640/820).

Thu 06-15-1989 22:49:37

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