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Archive   : DDOS_AID.ZIP
Filename : SEND.ASM

Output of file : SEND.ASM contained in archive : DDOS_AID.ZIP

PAGE 62,132
Title DoubleDOS Utility: SEND Commands

CR EQU 0Dh ;ASCII Carriage Return
LF EQU 0Ah ;ASCII Line Feed
$ EQU 24h ;String termination charachter

Parm_Byte_Count EQU 80h

Dos_Call EQU 21h
Terminate_Process EQU 4Ch
Display_Character EQU 02h
Put_String EQU 09h

DD_Menu_Control EQU 0E0h
Resume_Invisible EQU 73h
Suspend_Invisible EQU 75h
DD_Send_Char EQU 0E2h
DD_Other_Status EQU 0E5h
Give_Other_Time EQU 0EEh

Print_$ MACRO
mov ah,Put_String
int Dos_Call

ASSUME cs:Code_Seg,ds:Code_Seg,es:Code_Seg
ORG 0100h

mov si,Parm_Byte_Count ;Point to parm byte count
mov di,OFFSET Parm_Copy ;point to copy destination
cld ; String Counts forward
lodsb ; AL = Byte Count

mov Parm_Count,al ;Store Byte Count
mov dx,OFFSET Prog_Info ;Display program info
mov al,Parm_Count ;Restore Byte Count

cmp al,00h
jz Err_Chk1 ;No parms given?
test al,80h
jnz Err_Chk2 ;More than 127 bytes?

cbw ;AX = Byte Count
mov cx,ax ;CX = Loop control
rep movsb ;Copy parms into buffer

mov dx,OFFSET Send_Msg ;Sending...

call Chk_Susp ;Other partition Suspended?

mov al,Parm_Count ;Get Char Count
mov cx,ax ;Convert to word in CX
mov si,OFFSET Parm_Copy ;Prepare to Send chars
inc si ;Throw away 1st char
dec cx ; also lower cnt by 1

Send_Loop: mov al,BYTE PTR [si]
mov pending,al ;Charachter to be sent
mov Retry_Cnt,03h ;3 Retries in case of Err
mov Temp_Cnt,cx ;Save Count
call Send_Char ;Send character

mov ah,Display_Character ;If control was returned,
mov dl,Pending ; all went well. Output
int Dos_Call ; charachter

mov cx,Temp_Cnt ;Restore Count
dec cx ;Decrement Count
inc si
jcxz Exit_Loop ;Done?
jmp Send_Loop ;No, Next Char

Exit_Loop: mov Pending,CR ;Follow with Carriage Return
mov Retry_Cnt,03h ;3 Tries
call Send_Char


call Fix_Susp ;Suspend the other partition
; if we have temporarily
;resumed it.

mov Ret_Code,30h ;All Kosher, end program
jmp Finished ;Return ERRORLEVEL 0

; Error Checking Routines

Err_Chk1: mov dx,OFFSET Err_Msg1
mov Ret_Code,39h ;Return ERRORLEVEL 9
jmp Finished

Err_Chk2: mov dx,OFFSET Err_Msg2
mov Ret_Code,38h ;Return ERRORLEVEL 8
jmp Finished

Err_Chk3: mov dx,OFFSET ERR_Msg3
mov Ret_Code,37h ;Return ERRORLEVEL 7
call Fix_Susp
jmp Finished

Err_Chk4: mov dx,OFFSET ERR_Msg4
mov Ret_Code,36h ;Return ERRORLEVEL 6
call Fix_Susp
jmp Finished

; This Routine Actually sends a charachter to the other side, with
; full error checking. Err_Chk3 is an unknown error. Err_Chk4 means
; the keyboard buffer on the other side is full.

Send_Char: mov al,Pending ;Get Char
mov ah,DD_Send_Char
Retry: int Dos_Call ;Send it
cmp al,00h
jnz Problem ;Successfully Sent?
ret ;Yes.

Problem: cmp al,01 ;No.
jz Buff_Full ;Buffer full?
jmp Err_Chk3 ;No, Terminate program

Buff_Full: mov al,Retry_Cnt
cmp al,00h
jz Err_Chk4 ;3 Tries, Terminate
dec Retry_Cnt ;1 less try

mov al,0FFh ;Give the other side
mov ah,Give_Other_Time ; time to think: 255
int Dos_Call ; 55ms time intervals
mov al,Pending ;restore Charachter
jmp Retry ;Try Again

Finished: mov dx,OFFSET Finish_Msg ;Display ERRORLEVEL MSG
mov ah,Terminate_Process ;End Program
mov al,Ret_Code ;ERRORLEVEL in AL
and al,0Fh ;Ascii to binary integer
int Dos_Call

; This subroutine checks to see if the other partition is suspended.
; If it is, we RESUME it, and set a flag telling the program to re-suspend
; the other partition prior to termination.

Chk_Susp: mov ah,DD_Other_Status
int Dos_Call
mov Suspended,00h
cmp al,02h
jz Resume ;Other side Suspended?
ret ;No

Resume: mov Suspended,01h ;Yes: Flag for later,
mov ah,DD_Menu_Control ; and Resume
mov al,Resume_Invisible
int Dos_Call

; This routine checks to see if the other partition was suspended when
; this program was executed. If we temporarily resumed it, then we
; re-suspend it.

Fix_Susp: mov al,Suspended ;Was Other side Suspended
cmp al,00h ; then Resumed?
jnz Susp
ret ;No

Susp: mov ah,DD_Menu_Control ;Yes, Re-Suspend
mov al,Suspend_Invisible
int Dos_Call

; Data Definition Area

Prog_Info DB CR,LF,'DoubleDOS Utility - by Chris M. Magyar '
DB '- 12/18/85',CR,LF,CR,LF,$

Send_Msg DB 'The following command will be sent '
DB 'to the other partition:',CR,LF,CR,LF,$

Ret_Code DB ?,' being returned.',CR,LF,$

Err_Msg1 DB 'No parameters given.',CR,LF,$
Err_Msg2 DB 'More than 127 bytes in parameter list!!!',CR,LF
DB 'Must terminate now.',CR,LF,$
Err_Msg3 DB 'Unknown Error encountered when passing character',CR,LF
DB 'to the other partition. Must Terminate now.',CR,LF,$
Err_Msg4 DB 'The keyboard buffer on the other partition is',CR,LF
DB 'full. All re-tries failed. Terminating now.',CR,LF,$


Parm_Count DB ?
Parm_Copy DB 128 DUP(?),CR,LF,$

Suspended DB ?
Pending DB ?
Retry_Cnt DB ?
Temp_Cnt DW ?

Code_Seg ENDS
END Main